Wednesday, November 30, 2005

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ITCH FM: Online UK radio
This site is manned by a stack of people, but it seriously needs a design overhaul. It's a bit clunky to navigate, but apart from that slight critique, it's a valuable place to hear fresh new UK hip hop & funk. There's the UK Zulu Nation (playing some electro & old school hip hop), Disorda (Suspect Packages) with his strictly UK selection, the Breakin Bread crew, producer wunderkid Ghost, DJ Chappas & a few more.

The bonus is that they also have videoclips to stream of new UK music. Klashnekoff, Kyza, TerraFirma, Rodney P, Blak Twang, TY, Jehst, Skinnyman, Roots Manuva Skitz, etc... Nothing too flash, but worth the occasional looksee.

ItchFm website

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thebrownbriefcase said...

say that again. ive liked this one for some time. good crew them.