Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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This Finnish trio released their 3rd album Usko Parempaan last year, but this month comes a solo album from the youngest member Uniikki, with his solo release Aika ei Venaa Ketään. Helsinki based friends Andu, Tasis & Uniikki have been making music since 1997 & have even managed to reach the Top 10 in their country's pop charts in 2002 with their song Toisinaan from their 2nd album, Klassikko. Not sure how they fit in with the scene over there, but it's all quality to my ears. It's all in Finnish so beware.

Kapasiteettiyksikkö website
Rahina Records website

Video: Kapasiteettiyksikkö - Usko Parempaan Real Player stream
Audio: Kapasiteettiyksikkö f/ Elastinen - Pakko Saada Slut Real Player stream
Audio: Uniikki - Yks Kierros ft. Iso H Real Player stream
Audio: Uniikki - En Pyydä Muuta Real Player stream

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Anonymous said...

We just imported a guy from Finland to work with us.

All he knows is the Bomfunk MC's.

Armed with my new knowledge I will now steer him in the direction of the pure side of the force!