Saturday, November 19, 2005

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DJ SHEEP's Japan travel photos
Ebay selling, Terntable Jedi member & Bomb Hip Hop scribe DJ Sheep, has been teaching the Japanese kids how to mess up the english language with new words & phrases such as, 'Skrilla, Raer, 'no homo', 'Don't hate the Sayer' & anything else pertaining to records. These are some snapshots he recently uploded of his recent travels in Japan, or should I say...mainly Shibuya.
Here's a list of Tokyo record stores.

See the gallery here.

eBay UserID: tasmanconnection
Cover art: TERNTABLE JEDIZ - All Out War

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Anonymous said...

just saw this... 95% of those photos were taken at far away places from Shibuya actually. thanks for posting this up tho.. bev