Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sorry guys.

Had the Sydney international Film Festival & World Cup watching going on, so been busy. Then the Logic Board on my G5 died for a 2nd time, so I won't be back in action until I get my computer back next week from service.

Loads of stuff to upload as well.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New The Roots single - Don't Feel Right

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The 1st song off the forthcoming album Game Theory (due late August/early September) with Maimouna Youssef on the hook. And it's a welcome return after the wishy washy unmemorable Tipping Point.

•MP3: THE ROOTS - Don't Feel Right

Ex-Roots member Malik Abdul Bassett is back?
It's been well known that Malik B never toured much with The Roots because of an apparent drug problem leading to them having to dismiss him from the group. Apparently he will re-appear on thier next album Game Theory. In the meantime he has managed to get himself into a studio to record a 7 track EP, Psyhcological. So i've upped 2 tracks. The track Wait sounds like something Ghostface would do.

You know something is up when Malik B doesn't have a MySpace page... Oof!

•MP3: MALIK B - Psychological
•MP3: MALIK B - Wait
New Jurassic 5 single - Work it Out

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What? Can they get a little blander please. With Dave Matthews on the hook. My mum would like this one. From the upcoming album Feedback (due June 27) which will include beats from Nu-Mark, Salaam Remi, Exile &... Scott Storch.

So is this what happens after Cut Chemist leaves the group?

• MP3: JURASSIC 5 - Work It Out.
DMOTE website

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Another Sydney veteran finally ups his website. Also a Big City Freaks member.

• Check website.

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Skote aka Zen aka Styles (Fab 4) of Sydney. Started writing circa 1984. Still going strong. His 1st attempt at a website. Some solid material here from a 22 year graff history.

• Check website.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Finnish duo THE KOLLABO BROTHERS - For My People

Finnish lads The Kollabo Brothers (DJ Kool Ski & Staffro) have released their debut album with guests that span the years. Old school fans will like the inclusion of tracks that feature people such as Grandmaster Caz, Donald D, then Craig G, Tim Dog & Paris. As well as Zion, Afu-Ra, & Suomi emcee Gambit. They even get the services of fellow Finns, the jazz dudes Teddy Rok Seven with a remix of the Diamond D track 'My Flows Blow'. I upped the other remix & the deejay track.

My man Planet has a few songs uploaded from DJ Staffro over at his excellent Vinyl Athletes blog.

This is a slightly different version released on Japanese label Handcuts after initially coming out last year on Finnish label Kool Kat. Also available on double vinyl.

Associated label Recluse has some 12" single info.

Good luck in trying to track it down... Worth it though. Especially if you dig hearing some veterans on the mic.

• MP3: KOLLABO BROTHERS - My Flows Blow remix ft Diamond D
• MP3: KOLLABO BROTHERS - Words I Wrote ft Paris
• MP3: KOLLABO BROTHERS - Too Kool Brothers (deejay track)