Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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Swedish beatmaker Devil McDoom just did a mix for Solid Steel & it's a cracker of a mid-tempo hip hop b-boy instrumental half hour. He released a 12" last year on Melting Pot Music. Check for more info on his MySpace page.

ako - chicago - cdr
devil mcdoom - blood money bonusbeats - mpm
stelvio cipriani - mark il polizotto - cinevox
notorious b.i.g. - party and bullshit - uptown
main source - merrick boulevard (instrumental) - wild pitch
nutsons - danger diabolic - cardboard city
breakestra - keep on playin' - ubiquity
mallard - far away places - pattern based
lefties soul connection bam bam (devil mcdoom edit) - cdr
bollywood freaks - bombay gangstarr - whitelabel
gangstarr - dwyck (devil mcdoom remix) - cdr
ako - chessha23 - mpm
sound directions - dice game - stones throw
dj day vs. devil mcdoom - what planet what station - cdr
major force - original artform (cut chemist remix) - mo' wax
dj day - gone bad - mpm
mex - way of the exploding crate - blue juice
keno-i and the hermit - hard rain - breakin bread

MP3: DEVIL MCDOOM - February 2006 Direct download. 128kbps. 29 mins
MP3: DEVIL MCDOOM - Devil Mash-up. Freddie Foxx acapella with some 70s Euro vocal thing.

Monday, February 27, 2006

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HARVEY LINDO - Kid Gloves. Compost Records

Broken beat producer Modaji steps out of his Laws of Motion moniker for a downbeat hip hop & soul affair & the results are pretty spesh. This album was initially released on the Japanese label Jazzy Sport almost a year ago but has recently been picked up by Compost Records for the European market, making it much easier for the rest of the world to obtain in the process. There are a few guests with members from Maspyke as well as Count Bass D, Lacks & some soulful chick singers. There should be double vinyl. As usual 2 EPs were released in Japan only. Modaji is an accomplished musician, so the music is a calibre more sophisticated than your usual album though he keeps the breaks & samples evident.

Harvey Lindo@MySpace

MP3: HARVEY LINDO - Tommorrow's World ft. Lacks.

KERO ONE - Windmills of the Soul. Plug Label

San Fran Bay Area based graff writer/producer/emcee/deejay/label owner Kero One has been a perfect example of the independant artist. Having started his own recording venture Plug Label, he's managed to keep everything inhouse with his own ideas intact & they are slowly paying off. The perseverance has paid off with some worthwhile Japanese hook-ups on the way. His style is jazz sample based with lyrics about the diggin', graff, life all over a very laidback vibe. There are a couple of instrumental tracks, which is a definite plus, for the album works better as a whole with the musical interludes to break up Kero's vocals. Labelmate Niamaj is the only guest. Kero's mate King Most produced the vinyl loving track Keep it Alive.

Kero One@MySpace

MP3: KERO ONE - Keep it Alive

Available locally in Australia through Creative Vibes

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

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Upcoming b-boy doco ALL OUT WAR

It's almost here. The trailer looks pretty schmick, as to do the images in the gallery section.

From the website
"All Out War is a new, feature-length documentary on the art of breakdancing. The film will capture the true essence of Hip Hop and breakdancing's role in this significant aspect of modern, urban youth culture.

From its humble birth in the streets of the Bronx to its fast-paced explosion as a world renowned phenomenon, breakdancing can no longer be considered a passing fad. It warrants recognition as a true and powerful art form. Breakdancing has continually inspired many generations, spawning a new breed of B-boys and B-girls who are taking the dance to unimaginable heights. B-boy culture is now more alive than it ever was and a primary reason why, is its world wide transcendence.

Our objective with the filming of All Out War is to document not only the Battle of The Year event but to follow 6-8 different countries/crews on their journey towards the quest to be the best of the best. Countries such as Korea, France, Israel, China, U.S. Japan, U.K. and Germany will be featured in the film. Each one of these countries hosts a preliminary battle where all of the top crews compete to see who will get flown to Germany for the Battle of The Year and represent their homeland.

All Out War website

There is also another documentary underway that looks pretty fresh, Planet B-Boy. Similiar theme as well. Check the preview clip for the Flashdance scene, Japanese style. Website not as dope, but footage is well shot.

Planet B-Boy website

Monday, February 20, 2006

Sunday, February 19, 2006

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NOT GUILTY Vol 2: Capitol Punishment

Whooh haa!!! I have the 1st video on VHS & that was pretty damn good for its time in 2002, but after watching the trailer for the new video, the bar appears to have been raised over pretty much ALL the graff vids i've seen. And I've only watched the trailer. It looks very professional & tightly edited. The music & visuals seem to be much more compelling than most DVDs giving it a very polished, yet gritty feel. A lot of graff vids can get very samey with the cliched shots of panels running past, night time footage, etc...so something new had to be done to create an experience that keeps the viewer intrigued. This looks like the winner.

Produced by the M.I.L.I.T.I.A. Collective. Features German lads How & Nosm of TATS Cru travelling the world.

Not Guilty trailer 3.6MB downloadable QT file
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The film will be given a general, though limited release in the USA this year.

Well know graffiti photographer James Prigoff prefaces a forthcoming book from Soft Skull press that illustrates the making of the eagerly awaited graff film Quaility of Life.

Written, directed & produced by Benjamin Morgan the film looks to be the best analysis of the mentality behind most graff writers. As a one time writer in the 80s/early 90s it was & still is always extremely hard to explain ones actions & motivations with graff, especially when dealing with people who have no other viewpoint other than 'it's illegal'. So hopefully this film will convey the angst, desire, frustation, drive, creativity & adrenalin that was part & parcel of one of the most exciting artforms of the 20th century & is still going hard today. Sure there are writers who just want to fuck shit up & cause the most damage, but there are plenty who just want to use it as a form of creative expression. This film look to focus on the latter.

Although the director was never a writer himself, he was in one of the major b-boy crews in the 80s called the Fantastic Fource & his circle of friends naturally included plenty of writers. There's an excelllent interview with Morgan here at Filmshi.

From the state of things in this country at the moment, in relation to the paranoia regarding graffiti, this film will probably be either banned or rated R.

"The title refers to a law adopted in most major cities that equates graffiti with robbery and rape and brings with it serious jail time."

Check the film website for trailers.
Quality of Life website
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FEMALES WIT FUNK: Turntablizm website.

A fairly new website dedicated to the more intelligent & better looking half of the human race that spend time too much time with the turntables & records. Looks like it is fairly new, so not exactly a ziptillion things going on, but enough to keep you entertained. There are WMV files to view & MP3s to download, as well as bios on each of the djs featured.

Pictured: DJ Killa Jewel

Females Wit Funk website
Top 100 Female DJs vote until 26 Feb


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

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Awesome looking poster, but sadly not the cover for Sneakers : Le culte des baskets. DVD will be released in the directors homeland on 27 February 2006.

There is a limited edition version that comes in a box with a t-shirt & a 'goodie'. Check here at Amazon France. DVD contains RUN DMC's My Adidas clip & 30 mins of additional footage.

Studio Canal website I can't see it listed yet.
Shoes-Up French sneaker magazine's blog.
Hype Beast US sneaker blog
Sneakers Dutch documentary

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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Firewater is their 5th album & their last as a 3 man crew. They'll be splitting up after their upcoming tour in the USA. J-Ro is going to live in Sweden, probably to hook up with the crew Breakmecanix. Unfortunately I was sent an early promo copy without production credits. So i'm not sure which tracks the Swedes produced on this album. I think E-Swift handled the majority of the production. DangerMouse & Evidence also pitched in. Some of the fuzzy synth tracks are a bit disposable, but on the whole it's a typical Liks album about drinking & getting blind. Nice to Hear King T show up again on the track Over Here.

The DVD looks pretty cool. Though why they didn't wait until they could've added the clip for The Flute Song is a bit strange.

•••Beer Goggles DVD•••
- Music Videos Collection 1993-2003
Including unreleased and uncensored videos with behind-the-scenes commentary from Tha Alkaholiks. More info on the track selection here

Alkaholiks website

Flute Song video RealPlayer stream
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GRANDMASTER CAZ gives Hip Hop tours

Caz is still proud as punch to represent the original aesthetics of hip hop. While people half his age, without the history, diss people like him for staying true. Good on him. And fuck them. Caz would rip them all a new arsehole in a second. Cold Crush Brothers you suckers. Ha ha. This stuff is way more important & personal to them than to those who never lived it, experienced it or practised it. I'd rather have Caz's personal viewpoint anyday than someone from a message board..or a blog. lol

Kurtis Blow, Doug E. Fresh & D.J. Red Alert are also a part of a New York venture called Hush Tours. Have a look at the site & see all the Japanese & Europeans enjoying themselves in group photos with these classic figures of old school hip hop. Hopefully some Americans from interstate also go do the tour.

Sure it might look a little fruity to a New Yorker, but if Caz & co are getting paid from their own history, then props. I'd do it for a laugh...and an education. Looks like fun.

Check the 2000 word article from the New York Times.
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DJBATTLE.NET from Sweden

This is a crazy overloaded site with heaps of downloads & streams. They even have their own TV show where you can downlaod episodes. Some eps feature people like Q-Bert, Jazzy Jay, Tigerstyle, Maseo & Marc Hype. They don't front on the file sizes. Ep 10 is 105MBs!!! You might get a headache going through the massive amount of pages.

Sure it's a bit friggin nerdy, but every once in a while I like to know what's going on with these type of dudes. Keeps me connected to the streets, er the bedrooms...

You'll find things like videoclips from people like Denmark's DJ Static & his track Dedicated. WMV file. 30MBs

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Council funded MURAL PROJECT in Chico, California

While our local councils & politicians are going apeshit over graffiti & cracking down hardcore, there are some more progressive people in authority who are approaching the dilemma with more positive results. In fact they even comment on the website how they are approaching the problem with statements like this. "Chico has taken a more European stance in regard to the artform of aerosol mural art, and a proactive approach in vandalism abatement by turning negatives (chronic vandalism) into positives (community murals)". Hal-e-bloody-lujah. Someone in charge gets it.

The retarded idiots who want to combat the 'plight' obviously do not realise that the more they crack down with these pathetic gestapo tactics the more kids will fuck shit up. You cannot stamp it out. It's impossible. They said the same things 20 yrs ago. It's stronger than ever. Most writers don't like shitty tags either. We'd rather see a dope burner than some ghetto'd up piece of shit wall with toy crap on them.

Now even the emo stencil kids are underfire in Melbourne.

99 Dreams website

Monday, February 13, 2006

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Oh & BOBA FETT as well

Those dudes from the Mon Mothma label, who put out the Jawa Breaks a few years ago, have done it again. I haven't bought a battle record for many years now, but I think I might get these for a laugh. I'm not one to start reciting film dialogue like an annoying gimp, even if I did think the film was pretty funny, it's just the whole concept is ridiculously absurd & I'm sure in 50 years time, some film freak will cream his pants at such an obtuse discovery. Good for those parties with yer drunken mates wanting to 'have a scratch'. Gimmicky, perhaps, but some of the music is pretty cool.

Released: February 2006.

Should be available from most online stores that carry battle records this week.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

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JAY DEE passed away 10/Feb/2006

This is pretty crap news. I'm sure everyones aware of it by now. So I thought I'd go ballistic & go through my CDs & iTunes files to collect a 'Best Of' to upload. Unfortunately I didn't realise how much I had of his music & so I had to upload a decent selection. 45 tracks to be precise. I tried to only include mostly remixes or tracks from other artist's albums.

I remember speaking to someone who worked with him a few years ago & I asked why his beats sometimes sounded wonky & he told me that, like Madlib, Dilla never quantized his beats. No wonder they both hooked up to form Jaylib with this unusual signature sound.

In brief...

This week was the official the release of his latest album, Dilla Donuts on Stonesthrow & we have this very untimely demise of one of the mainstayers in hip hop production. The Detroit native James Yancey unfortunately succumbed to an illness that has been plaguing him for a few years. Anyone who has witnessed images of him in recent years have noticed a very obvious weight loss. He had moved back to his mothers house about 3 years ago after he had been diagnosed with the rare immune disease, Lupus, which affects your kidney & livers. This results in the use of a dialysis machine. Rumours abound that he was also suffering from malnutrition due to his Madlib like workaholic nature. For more info check here.

I'm not sure what new music he had coming out, apart from the track he did for Ghostface's Fish Scale LP, the track is Whip You With a Strap. And I think he did a track for the new Skillz LP.

Funeral services will be held in LA on Tues 14th Feb.

Jay Dee/J. Dilla discography
Now this took me ages to select & organise, so enjoy. And go buy his music like I did. Ha.
All 45 tracks are included randomly within the 3 Volumes.
95% of the files are 192kbps or over. Only 1 file is 128kbps.

1. I Believe In You (Jaylib remix)-Amp Fiddler
2. Ultimate (Jay Dee remix)-Artifacts
3. One-4-Teen (Jay Dee remix)-Bahamadia
4. Woo Hah!!! (Jay-Dee remix)-Busta Rhymes
5. The Movement (produced by Jay Dee)-Common
6. Come Close (Jay Dee remix)-Common f. Erykah Badu, Pharell, & Q-Tip
7. In The Light (Jay Dee remix)-Common ft Erykah Badu
8. Game Over-Dabrye ft. Jay Dee & Phat Kat
9. Microphone Master (Jay Dee remix)-Das Efx & Mobb Deep
10. Stakes Is High (Jay Dee remix)-De La Soul
11. Love Junkee (J Dilla Remix)-DJ Cam
12. You Used To Love Me (Ummah remix)-Faith Evans
13. Floetic (Jay Dee remix)-Floetry Ft. CL Smooth
14. As Serious As Your Life (Jay Dee remix)-Four Tet ft. Guilty Simpson
15. Let's Go (produced by J. Dilla)-Frank N Dank
16. Okay (produced by J. Dilla)-Frank N Dank
17. Down Here on The Ground ft. Dianna Reeves-Grant Green + The Ummah
18. Oblighetto (Brother Jack McDuff) -J Dilla
19. Love (Thing Of The Past)-Jay Dee ft. Frank 'n Dank
20. Crushin (Yeeaaah)-Jay Dee
21. Fuck The Police-Jay Dee
22. Think Twice-Jay Dee ft. Dwele The 128kbps culprit
23. The Message-Jaylib
24. The Rhyme (Slum Village Remix)-Keith Murray
25. Love ft. J. Dilla-Lawless Element
26. Sittin' On Chrome (Jay Dee remix)-Masta Ace
27. Ascension (Jay Dee remix)-Maxwell
28. One Time (produced by Jay Dee)-Moka Only
29. Secret of the Sands (Jay Dee Remix)-Mood
30. Saturday Night (Jay Dee Remix)-Mos Def
31. Find A Way (Jay Dee Remix)-Nine Yards
32. Niggaz Know-Pete Rock ft Jay Dee
33. Y? (Be Like That) (Jay Dee Remix)-The Pharcyde
34. She Said (Jay Dee Remix)-The Pharcyde
35. Shotgun (Jay Dee remix)-Platinum Pied Pipers
36. Act Like You Know-Platinum Pied Pipers ft. Jay Dee
37. Leisure Rules (produced Jay Dee)-Prozack Turner
38. Life Goes On (produced by Jay Dee)-Royce 5'9"
39. Thrilla-Sa-Ra Creative Partners
40. Reunion-Slum Village ft. J Dilla
41. Once Upon A Time-Slum Village Ft. Pete Rock
42. Dollar (produced by Jay Dilla)-Spacek
43. Eve (Jay Dee remix)-Spacek
44. Who Smoked Sunshine (produced by Jay Dee)-T-Love
45. Fanatic (J Dilla Remix)-Vivian Green

I forgot to include this awesome remix.
46. Runnin' (remix by Jay Dee)-The Pharcyde 6MBs

MP3s: JAY DEE - Collection Vol 1 80MBs
MP3s: JAY DEE - Collection Vol 2 84MBs
MP3s: JAY DEE - Collection Vol 3 77MBs

MP3: JAY DEE - Radio interview from 2005 43MBs

Friday, February 10, 2006

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The BAMBOOS 'Step it Up' LP
Tru Thoughts. 2006. 11 tracks. 46 mins

Finally an album from our favourite Aussie funk group. They get much love & support through the hip hop scene down here & they most likely have garnered a wider audience through their touring work as the Antipodean backing band for Will Holland's QSO outfit. This album is getting a simultaneous release on Tru Thoughts(UK), Ubiquity(USA) & P-Vine (Japan).

Distributed in Australia by Creative Vibes.
The title track has just been released as a 45rpm & the album will also be available on double vinyl.

My Review: Sen-bloody-sational.

The Bamboos website

MP3: The BAMBOOS - Eel Oil The original 45 release that started it all.
MP3: The BAMBOOS - Step It Up ft. Alice Russell
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NY Chinatown's infamous NOTORIOUS MSG

Just going through my files & I spotted their videoclip I downloaded a few years back. Worth another look for those who missed it. I'm not one for parody, but these dudes do it well. It still stands up & is worth a download. Even the songs are pretty amusing. They even have in stock at Amazon. They still seem to exist.

They worked hard in the kitchens.
They dreamed of rap superstardom.

Blasting out of the streets of Chinatown, the gates of Hell have opened and The Notorious MSG have been reborn with a vengeance. Servin' up deep-fried beats straight from the Chinese ghetto, they will not be stopped until they achieve complete musical destruction.


VIDEO: NOTORIOUS MSG - Straight Outta Canton 19.7MB downloadable QT file.
MP3 COLLECTION: NOTORIOUS MSG - 4 songs in Zip file.
Includes these tracks: 'Dim Sum Girl, 'FOB for Life', Straight Out of Canton' & 'Wok the Party.'

Thursday, February 09, 2006

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MF Grimm diss towards MF Doom

If you missed it when it was uploaded on other sites, like Spine Magazine, here it is again. Beat is pretty dope. 3rd verse is nasty, though not vindictive. Huh?

From Soundslam
"MF Doom, an underground fan favorite, has gained a cult-like following in recent years. Born Daniel Dumile, the rapper/producer is now the subject of a diss track from his former friend and group mate, MF Grimm.

Grimm recently recorded the track “Book of Daniel” and made no qualms about aiming the lyrical content at Doom. The two had been previously involved in groups such as KMD and Monsta Island Czars, but hatchets thought to be buried have since resurfaced. While the motivating factors for the diss track have not yet been officially declared by Grimm (beyond the song), the lyrics (from Grimm and fellow Monsta Island Czars members) tell a personal story between the two involving guilt, pain, honesty, joy and retribution.

The song itself was crafted by DJ Crucial, a St. Louis native and F5 Records artist who also produced J-Toth’s “Ghostwhirl Remix” featuring MF Doom."

MP3: MF GRIMM - Book of Daniel

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

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DJ Q-BERT's 'Breaktionary' 4 Volume set.

The music used by DJ Qbert for Breakdance battles (as seen in the latest Freestyle Session DVD) is now available on a 4 record set featuring over 250 rare funk breaks one after another at the same user friendly tempo in a 4 record set! No more carrying tons of crates to a jam, just grab doubles of each record and get loose just like Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Muzik"! Rock the true school hip-hop on the tables and sample the rawest beats onto your drum machines and music programs!

As an added bonus, you can combine all 4 covers by world famous artist, D23 (Damon Soule) in any direction!

D23 website
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
New book on France's DARCO
Hard cover, 16 x 23 cm, 160 color pages.
Retail price: 29 euros (in France) First edition 4000.
Release date: February 9th, 2006

Yes, yes, yes. Definitely one of the best French writers in my opinion & this book is long overdue. A regular visitor to Australia as well. In fact I do believe he is also a member of the Perth based 21st Century crew.

Naturally it's all in French. I have worked out that you can send them a cheque to order the book, but I see no international rates. So once again, like some recent books from Spain & Russia, this might be another hard one to track down. Or you could get a friend to waltz into the shop at this location: 67 bld St-Germain, 75006 Paris for the Limited Edition version or go to the publishers office: L’ŒIL D’HORUS 12, rue de vivienne - 75002 Paris.

Wasted Talent website
Darco book PDF 9 pages
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RE-WRITING Festival. Turin, Italy
AMANTES. Torino . Via Principe Amedeo 38/a. 7/28 February.
During the XX Olympic Winter Games Turin 2006

One look at this site from Italy & you can see that there really is no argument that the Europeans can recognise culture & art. Where they celebrate art, no matter the form or style, the Australian govt & people treat it like a joke & spit upon it. Anyone who delves into graffiti here is labeled as 'scum'. It's all vandalism to them. From tags to full scale productions. It's all treated the same. Only people from broken homes with dislodged personalities partake in such activities. It's amazing stuff. Yet it's a totally different attitude in the northern hemisphere. They get it...

In Torino, Italy this month, while the 20th Winter Olympics are on, there will be a 3 week celebration of graffiti based artwork. Have a look through the website. The English might be fractured, but the sentiment is refreshing. They celebrate what our politicians deride. Yes, Australians have no culture. We do not understand culture. We understand sport, money & soap stars.

Re-writing website

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

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Invada Records are excited to announce the Invada 'Stage Invasion' Tour this Feb - March. The tour showcases some of Australia's finest hip hop acts. An an all-star Invada line-up consisting of KOOLISM, KATALYST, Ru C.L and FDEL. The tour is proudly supported by Triple J, 3D World, Beat and Scene Magazine. All the tour info is on the website.

I've upped 4 tracks to show you te sound of the Invada label. Including a couple of hard to find tracks that are no longer commercially available.

Invada website

A story track about the evolvement of the graffiti crew KOA. From upcoming album New Old Ground.
MP3: FDEL - Dusty Fingers
Featuring fellow Perth lads Downsyde. From the album Audiofdelity.
MP3: RU-CL - Determinator remix
Featuring Hau (Koolism) & Mr Clean.
MP3: KATALYST - Tales of a Dead Man
Taken from the rare Volcom released compilation of 2000, Ice Cream Truck.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
LA's MOVE.MEANT. Australian remix versions

Los Angeles based trio have released 2 EPs so far & show no signs of easing up. Good quality music so far, but there's a reason I'm posting today. I just scored some remixes that have been graced with some Australian emcees that aren't as yet available anywhere. So download away & enjoy.

Move.Meant website

MP3: MOVEMEANT - Good Money Remix 01
ft Champ (Move.meant), Bliss N Eso, Anecdote + Phrase.
MP3: MOVEMEANT - Good Money Remix 02
ft. Champ (Move.meant), Genetik (Low Budget), Hau (Koolism) + Raph (Mnemonic Ascent).
Youtube.com has gone ballistic

For example...The UMC's- Blue Cheese

Not sure if people have been paying attention, but Youtube has gone nuts in the last month. There are a few online video hosting sites, but seems as though this has turned into everyone's favourite. Type in Gangstarr & have a gander at what turns up. The clip for Positivity as well as a whole bunch of other clips. You'll go insane at what there is up already. You'll need a hi-speed connection to view them decently.

One thing that is becoming increasingly annoying is that every turd thinks it's cool to up some karaoke type footage of themselves mugging at the camera. There have been some amusing ones in the past, but it has now overstayed its welcome & is becoming tiresome. Every fool has jumped onto it & they all think they're pretty funny. They're not.

You can use this website to download the videos. I haven't sussed it out as yet.

Before the authorities crackdown on these sites, watch crazy things like 17mins of some West Coast graffiti footage.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
KANYE’s – ‘Touch the Sky’ video teaser

Chris Milk previously directed the Jesus Walks & All Falls Down videos for Kanye & has also made a stack of rather good looking vids for Jet, Modest Mouse, Courtney Love, Audioslave & for Jet’s awesome Rollover DJ. Oh & an advert for Aussie Telstra that I’ve never seen???

This is the pretty dope Just Blaze produced track from Late Registration with Lupe Fiasco (the original writer of the Diamonds song. Clip has MR Ego as Evil Knievel with Pammy Anderson in a cameo role. Looks nicely shot next to the Grand Canyon.

More to see on the directors website.

VIDEO: KANYE WEST - Touch the Sky teaser

Monday, February 06, 2006

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TALIB KWELI & RAKIM – ‘Getting Up Anthem’

Looks like Marc Ecko’s game Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure might be banned in Australia after some whingey politicians decided to get in on the anti-graffiti crusade that has been occurring for the last 2 months. Even though it has already been certified Gold in the USA from an extraordinary pre-sale of 500,000 units & was passed by the OFLC here already, it is under review due to the current media attention. Its international release date is the 17th of February. MTV has also purchased the rights for a possible feature film. Holy crap! Imagine the scenario then… Our politicians would be creaming themselves at the possibility that they could be looked upon as the saviours of contemporary society. For they will guard the children against this tyrannous activity that is…paint on walls.

I’ve upped the title track by Talib Kweli & Rakim from the forthcoming soundtrack. Apparently the music director for the project P.Diddy, selected this track along with 3 others. One surprisingly by PackFM.

Getting Up Crew Website
MP3: TALIB KWELI & RAKIM - Getting Up Anthem

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

EXHIBITIONIST - Opening Friday 3/2/06, 7-10pm.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Show continues Saturday 4/2, 10-4pm
China Heights Gallery, L3, 16-28 Foster St, Surry Hills SYDNEY 2010

China Heights is proud to present Exhibitionist, a solo show by Cabel, featuring small and large scale Canvasses, Installations and a large collection of 80's Gaming Consoles, Skate, Sci Fi & Hip Hop memorabilia, collected over 20 years.

Turntables, Mixers, Speakers, Amps, Hip Hop Mags, Canvases/Paintings, Sculpture, Toys, old Oz Spraycans (50's-70's), Skateboards, Drawing Table, Easels, Foamcore Graphics, Star Wars, 80's Computers/ Carts/ Tapes/ Peripherals + early Sega/Nintendo/ Coleco/ Atari, OG Vinyl Ghetto Blaster, Sneakers, Ladders, signage etc etc etc...

There's a stack of other stuff to check on the gallery site.

China Heights website
PRO X FADE crossfader
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My crossfader is up the spout, so when I saw this advert online I immediately investigated because I was well impressed by what I had seen. Totally gobsmacked by the insanely creative videoclip.

I then found a comprehensive review at the always impressive Scratchworx review. Once you read the review & go to the Eclectic Breaks website you will be sold. Trust me. Sounds like a labour of love & attention has gone into this baby, but all that aside, if the video advert doesn't impress you enough to consider purchasing the crossfader alone, then I give up.

The best advert EVER for deejay related anything.
Brilliant... DOWNLOAD NOW. Created by Chris Cairns..
Pro X Fade Updated 09/Feb/06. Previous link has been removed.
Chris Cairns' original idea Download player & watch E4's 'Ident'.
Freight Train Graffiti
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
by Roger Gastman, Darin Rowland, Ian Sattler.
Paperback: 352 pages. Publisher: "Harry N. Abrams, Inc." (June 1, 2006)

Like Graffiti World, Freight Train Graffiti is the definitive history of a vibrant art form. Until now there was almost no written insight into this vast subculture, which inspires fascination across America and around the world. As dazzling as the art it celebrates, the book is packed with 1,000 full-color illustrations and features in-depth interviews with more than 125 train artists and "writers." Hundreds of never-before-seen photographs span the style's evolution, while the authoritative text from an all-star team of authors provides unprecedented perspective, including the first-ever written history of "monikers," the precursors of graffiti, developed by hobos and rail workers to communicate en route. Bound to surprise graffiti artists, graphic designers, and urban culture buffs alike, this book will inspire anyone who has ever been interested in graffiti.

Publishers website No sign of it here as yet.