Monday, November 21, 2005

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Chilean writer ANDREA "ACB" BERNAL'S struck with cancer
In September, while painting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Andrea began experiencing excruciating pain in her abdomen. Her friends rushed her to a hospital where she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Doctors had no choice but to immediately operate. Andrea bravely underwent surgery to keep the cancer from spreading further. She is now with her family in Chile, remaining in high spirits and gaining strength for six months of possible chemotherapy. The treatments and medications will cost tens of thousands of dollars. In Chile, this is an astronomical amount of money that no one can afford. We have pledged to raise money so that Andrea, at age 24, has the chance to beat this.

ACB is an independent artist from Valparaiso,Chile, who works with young people and artists throughout Chile, Brasil, France, and the US. Collectively they work on mural projects that promote social justice and communal self-determination. Since first visiting the US in 2002, Andrea has also worked closely with a variety of grassroots organizations including: Sista II Sista, The Education Alliance, Voices Her'd, and The Point.

Link: Chilean graffiti website - Mundo Feliz-ACB
Link: Benefit Flyer Nov 17 - Showroom Gallery

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Avene said...

She needs to make the switch to a 100% raw food diet of fresh fruit, vegies, nuts and seeds. The toxins in cooked food will only feed the cancer.

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