Saturday, November 19, 2005

- If they Come in the Morning

Orbach & Chambers, London, 1971. Original price: 45p. 272 pages

Found this for a $1 a few years ago. I love it when I stumble across such informative relics from the past. As far as I know it hasn't been reprinted, which makes it even more attractive. The communist rhetoric can get a bit dense at times, so I'd recommend her autobiography as a comprehensive & more readable insight into her beliefs during those formative years.


Book: ANGELA DAVIS: An Autobiography
Interview: PBS/Frontline: The Two Nations of Black America. 1997
CD Review: ANGELA Y. DAVIS:The Prison Industrial Complex

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FlyinGenie said...

i can't believe i never saw this before. i'd love to track down everything about Angela Davis. this from her autobiography spoke greatly to me:

"I became acquainted very early with the widespread presence of an unfortunate syndrome among some Black male activists - namely to confuse their political activity with an assertion of their maleness. They saw - and some continue to see - Black manhood as something separate from Black womanhood. These men view Black women as a threat to their attainment of manhood - especially those Black women who take initiative and work to become leaders in their own right. The constant harangue by the US men was that I needed to redirect my energies and use them to give my man strength and inspiration so that he might more effectively contribute his talents to the struggle for Black liberation."

that is all.