Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Australian painted NYC subway cars

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Sydney Show Opens: Friday August 18, 6-9pm continues 12-5pm following Saturday and Sunday. Gallery website.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Germany's MOMENTAN

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I've been a bit slack in the overseas department recently, so i'll endeavour to fix that up in the next week or so.

They're still making some excellent music over in Germany, despite all that bling rubbish that seems to dominate the main websites. Momentan are one of my recent finds that stick out. They have a cleverly designed website that has everything that might even convince you. They recently toured Europe with O.C. & El Da Sensai (who appears on the track Good Times on their 'SoulMates' EP). You can listen to their music on their main emcee's MySpace page or more on their deejays page. Personally I think it's quality stuff. Soulful & the beats, scratches & style are all on point.

The videoclip for the single 'Im Nachhinein' shows us the world famous Groove Attack record store in Cologne.
Perth's CLANDESTIEN new 7"
Those menacing sounding perpetrators of the dark side of Australian hip hop recently released their 1st 7" on the OzHipHop related label Wog. The b-side is lovingly titled 'Utter Shit'.As expected it's more for those who like their beats based around minor chords. The videoclip for 'Offguard' is on YouTube, though you can find more clips over at their website here. Seems like its still under construction.

• MP3: CLANDESTIEN - Ancillary Cover
KEEP IT CLASSIC online T-Shirt store.

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Online site for clothing. It's designed with some nifty sketches from the kids over at Illastrationz.
Check the new J-Dilla tribute t-shirt as well.

• Available through Keep it Classic.

Monday, August 14, 2006

JISOE. Melbourne graff documentary

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Thursday 24 August 6.30 pm
Chauvel Cinema, Paddington Town Hall
Corner Oatley Road and Oxford Street, Paddington

Jisoe is set inside Melbourne's underground graffiti scene. The provocative film exposes for the first time how this international culture has carved an identity in Australian suburbia.

The film centres on Justin Hughes (aka Jisoe), a young graffiti artist who is part of an emerging Australian underclass. The story swings between Justin's gritty daily existence of painting trains and smoking drugs, to intimate, emotional moments such as the birth of his child, the deterioration of his relationship and, finally, his eventual mental breakdown.

Jisoe reveals a private, highly secretive (and paranoid) subculture, taking place completely in the face of the public. Although the film is set to a backdrop of ambitious graffiti art and a soundtrack including original local hip hop artists.

Website here.
Austin Texas Art
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Any excuse to show a nice pic like this will do. If you're in Austin, Texas this week then check this out.
SNAKES ON A PLANE - Josh Martinez
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By now everyone is aware of the infamous Snakes On A Plane internet madness. If not, then track some of the commentary & crazyness that has surrounded this film. Due in most part to the ludicrous title & the stupid theme that it conjours up. Read more about it here at Snakes On A Blog. It opens this week in the US. And all reports seem to think that it could be the greatest B-movie in recent years or a dire mess. It'll be interesting to see how the fanbase via the Net has helped or hindered its success. It stars Samuel Jackson & a heap a snakes.

So naturally there are already a plethora of tribute songs to the unseen film. The best of the lot in my opinion is Canadian emcee Josh Martinez & his mate Evil with their contribution. You'll be reciting the lyrics & humming the melody for days as I have. It's a sticker.

MP3: JOSH MARTINEZ ft. EVIL - Snakes On A Plane.
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This 12" from June (on the Spilt Milk label) is not off their new album via OM, 'The Healing', but is still an essential purchase. Love this tune. Produced by one of the members Symbolic 1 (Soul Kontrollerz) it's definitely the bump 'n hustle joint for the mid year. They seem to be getting a more enthusiastic vibe these days, before they were all as mellow as could be. They must be rocking some parties down there in Waco Texas. The b-side 'Makin' My Way' is alos a highlight & produced by Aussie lad M-Phazes. Make sure you give their latest album a listen. Nice cover artwork as well: look here.

• MP3: STRANGE FRUIT PROJECT - Up Jumped Da Boogie.

Friday, August 04, 2006

MONKEY SONS from Brighton.
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I definitely feel that Brighton is my favourite area for UK hip hop. The great sense of humour & purity appeals to me. And this new joint venture of 2 crews, Hundreth Money & Sons of the Tribe, seems to cement my opinion.

The kooks have written their website in Latin... You can download an excellent free album from the site. The live band/crew includes Bandog, formerly of Killa Instinct. It may be a live band, but f*ck me if it doesn't sound like beats, loops & samples.

MONKEY SONS website.

Have squizz at the awesome posse track... Brilliant performances from all the emcees.

• MP3: MONKEY SONS - X-Ray Eyes ft. Junior Disprol, Real D, Legs MC, Exile, Websta, MC Phet, TS One, Louie The Monkey, Tekneek, Rage, Eastborn, DJ Sasquatch.
• MP3: MONKEY SONS - Sunshine Days. A breezy summer anthem. Hot stuff.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

DJ Shadow's 'The Outsider'.

No point reviewing an album one doesn't like very much. So here's an excuse to up the best tracks from it. The one with the found studio vocal from 30 years ago just scraping in would be the almost interesting epic with Phonte of Little Brother. The rest is just disposable hyphy stuff or far too bland Coldplay-esque for my ears. At best it would make a decent 6 track EP. Or a wicked 2 track 12". The Q-Tip & Lateef joint Enuff is just generic club rap. Will probably be a hit.

Sadly this new album just didn't work for me at all. Sounds like he was reaching to get airplay on 3 diffent styles of radio stations. Lacks cohesion & suffers greatly. And I did want to like it. The decent tracks probably only stand out more because some of the others are horrid. Inbuilt prejudice in thininking that Shadow could do no wrong. Oh, I forgot about that Keane remix he did a few years back. As long as he enjoys it then its all good.

I wonder how many hyphy dudes owned Endtroducing?

• MP3: DJ SHADOW: - This Time.
• MP3: DJ SHADOW: - BackStage Girl ft Phonte Coleman
Tasmanian compilation, 'Alleyway Crawlers Volume 2'.

Split between instrumental tracks & some rappity rap tunes. It was a free CD recently given away at gigs & left in a few record stores. Worth a download for an insight into the scene happening down across the Tasman. Soon to be available for download on Altrueistic's website, but in the meantime I've upped a copy for you all.

1. Intro
2. Tempest - The Blade
3. EPC - Endless Nights
4. Projekt - Speed of Sound
5. Mizari - Self Preservation
6. Drastik X - Leave ya Half Baked
7. Rumn - The Expance
8. Assentrix - Fulfill your Fantasy
9. Altrueism - Wartime
10. Feline - Malaka
11. Crytearia - Last Impressions First
12. Axesent - that's Just me.

• Download here: Alleyway Crawlers Vol 2.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Stonesthrow new mix Chrome Children.

Peep the goods about upcoming CD/DVD & download the mix here.