Monday, November 21, 2005

Crackdown on graffiti to cost $1m
November 21, 2005. The Age.

A SPECIALIST police taskforce will be established to target graffiti hot spots around the city and push for convictions against graffitists in the lead-up to the Commonwealth Games.

A graffiti database will also be set up. Its aim is to give police more information and help to secure convictions for repeat offenders, the State Government said yesterday. Police Minister Tim Holding said $1 million would be provided to the specialist team. Offenders on community-based orders would be required to remove graffiti, although not all would be graffitists. "The new police will basically target graffiti hot spots, places where we know graffitists are likely to go," Mr Holding said. "We will also be establishing a graffiti database to collect information and intelligence on some of our most notorious taggers so that we can get information on some of our most serious graffitists."

Opposition police spokesman Kim Wells said he was pleased that Mr Holding was taking steps to tackle the city's graffiti problem after months of calling for action.

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