Thursday, November 17, 2005

The OPTIMEN - Boom Town
Datsun, Sammsonite, K-West & DJ Damage have excelled themselves with their 2nd album. Their first release was an 8 track EP/demo called O2: Breath Control & for those that managed to track it down, it only slightly hinted at what was to come. The Brisbane lads have upped the ante for everyone else with some severely solid production, memorable hooks, strong personalities, forceful deliveries & super-tight scratches from a Terntable Jedi member. It is easily garnering accolades from many of us deep within the scene & by all accounts it is moving units quite steadily out of the stores that have it in stock, so obviously the people know quailty when they hear it. The only guests are Lazy Grey, who features on 15 Minutes & Raman & Robby Balboa appear on the title track. Thirsten Howell III has already hooked up with the fellas to secure some beats for his own upcoming LP Low Down and Dirty.


MP3: The OPTIMEN - Build & Destroy
From the album, Boom Town. RED TAPE. 2005 Australia.
Distribution: Shogun Online purchase: Checkoutwax

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