Wednesday, November 23, 2005

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F & D - Worship the Grit
Adelaide's deNorthwode (aka BVA of Mnemonic Ascent) & Funkwig obviously had some spare time on their hands to bring us a sophisticated album with a very distinctive feel. There's a few tracks that are instrumental, but mostly BVA rhymes over the majority of the tracks. Guests that feature include, A-Love, Mr Monk, Social Change, Abstract Rude, Jim Blah, Jada & the best track of the 12 gets help from the boys from Brissy, Brothers Stoney (Lazy Grey & Len 1), who tell us to 'chill the fuck out'. Definitely has the potential of being an anthem. Know the truth is probably the heaviest banger with some 80s styled rock guitar, though I'm liking the ease of Transformation with it's kooky retro keyboard sounds. Album scratches provided by Kansel & Ransom (who incidentally mixed the album as well). All we need know is Raph Boogies & A-Love's solo albums...

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MP3: F & D - Chill ft Brothers Stoney
From the album, Worship the Grit. Crookneck. 2005 Australia. Distributed by Stomp

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dope record.