Wednesday, April 19, 2006


MCTV is an inside look into the world of underground hip hop. Conceived and hosted by Murs, directed and edited by Erick Peyton (he also directed Murs' 2005 film, Walk Like A Man). In this issue, Murs talks with Slug of Atmosphere, Mr. Dibbs and 9th Wonder.

Plus new music videos from Atmosphere, Grayskul, 3MGs. And freestyles by Little Brother and Supreme.

Found at the usual online stores.

Aerosol Warfare.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Trinity International Hip Hop Festival

Join us for a FREE weekend of incredible music, art, dance & film.
Trinity College is located at 300 Summit Street Hartford, Connecticut.
All ages welcome!!!

Hip Hop has gone global!

Time to celebrate the culture and this common current running around the world. This unique three-day event aims to do just that, celebrate & educate.

The weekend boasts a line up of performers from Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Haiti, India, Mexico, Iraq, Korea, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Australia, France, Uganda, and more.
Performances will be in more than seven languages, Spanish, Swahili, and Portuguese among them. Fresh and multi-lingual! Along with film, art, live graffiti & b-boying there is something for all.

Trinity Hip Hop & Nomadic Wax

Monday, April 17, 2006

Mixes for your listening pleasure.

New blog for uploading mixes. Check it out here.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

GHOSTFACE & MF DOOM - The Mask videoclip.
Pretty cool home edit by Charlie Bucket of Mexican wrestlers Santo & Blue Demon footage from their recently released films on DVD.

Or you can download hi-res QT version from here.


Anytime I see a shot of some rap dudes looking for records, I immediately check it out & have my fingers crossed in hope. No need for fingers crossed with these guys from Ohio. They bring it correct. Great review of their album at CokeMachineGlow with a couple of MP3s to download. And another positive review at our favourite review site Platform8470. I haven't got hold of the album myself as yet, but the 2 tracks & the reviews impress me enough to consider a purchase. Available from the very to easy order site CDBaby.


Monday, April 10, 2006

Jazzy Sport deejays from Japan.
Japanese only release... Great downtempo laidback vibe... Like most Japanese releases, pretty hard to obtain, but great selection of indy music from the excellent Shaman Works label.

I think this mix is by the Brooklyn based Japanese members of the JAZZY SPORT deejays...

Interview & pics of Die from Jazzy Sport. In Japanese, but some nice CD/vinyl design.

1. Intro. Mann Up/Lacks
2. Sorcerers/Kmd
3. Ibandan Sunrise Inst/Wale Oyejide
4. One Day, Everything Changed/Wale Oyejide Feat Lacks
5. Galangal Root/Mf Doom
6. More Than You Know/Emanon
7. Compassion/Lacks
8. This Is Dedicated To/Wale Oyejide Feat Mf Doom
9. Gravity(Hold Me Down)/Sol Uprising
10. Groove Intermissin/Sol Uprising
11. Raach Ya Sol/Sol Uprising Feat Lacks
12. There's War Going On/Wale Oyejide Feat Jay Dee
13. Hooks Is Extra/Chris Craft Feat Mf Doom
14. Dream Factory Drum Machine/Wale Oyejide
15. Reign On/Lacks
16. Riot&Revolt Inst/Wale Oyejide
17. Kava Kava Root/Mf Doom
18. Four Square/Emanon
19. Wasting Time(Broken Beat Mix)/Wale Oyejide
20. Black Snake Root/Mf Doom
21. Kaya/Wale Oyejide
22. There She Goes/The John Robinson Project
23. High John/Mf Doom

SHAMAN WORKS SYNERGY - Mixed by Jazzy Sport 91MBs

Saturday, April 08, 2006

DJ P mix from Ultrasound 2001.
Above: DJ P & DJ CRAZE

Going through my files...

Z-Trips mate. They did the classic Uneasy Listening mix a few years back. This is a recording from a radio show & not an actual released mix CD. Its only a 128kbps file, but it's superdope on all accounts...

DJ P website
• MP3: DJ P - Live On Ultrasound On 107.7FM in Seattle (07-27-2001)

Friday, April 07, 2006

This is pretty dope.
Dudes in Melbourne created a simple vid for those interested in making beats.
Check them on MySpace.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


"Nice little soul, jazz, beat/break, reggae, house, broken beat, everything mixes out of Los Angeles. You may be surpirsed at what we got going on..."

Solid State Radio show

The Solid State website
DJ TAKUMI - True Blue

An excellent downtempo mix with a slight lean to the jazzier side. But top notch & worth the space. Axelrod, Jazzanova, Rob Swift, Common, Erule, Jazz Liberators, KMD, etc... & some Japanese tracks as well.

DJ Takumi... True Blue Zip file. 95mbs. 192kbps

Image Hosted by

DJ MURO : Blue Note DJ Mix
Released 2001. Out of stock everywhere.

A wicked mix of the best hardbop on Blue Note -- spiced up a bit with other tunes from labels that include Capitol and Solid State! The set was put together by DJ Muro, with a crackling groove that's all old school jazzy riffs and rhythms -- no real tricks, hardly any electricity, just pure dancefloor jazz grooving back to back! Mitsu mixed the whole thing live, and although tracks slide nicely into one another, they're also presented mostly intact, not chopped up or edited down too much.

1. Afrodisia - Kenny Dorham Septet
2. Fiesta - Stanley Turrentine
3. On The Street Where You Live - Felix Leclerc
4. Deus Brasileiro - Jackie Cain & Roy Kral
5. Recado Bossa Nova - Hank Mobley
6. I've Had A Little Talk - Horace Silver
7. Avila & Tequila - Jazz Messengers
8. Love For Sale - Kokee Band
9. It Was A Very Good Year - The Three Sounds
10. Nica's Dream - Horace Silver Quintet
11. I'm Related To You - Willie Tee
12. Space Spiritual - Cannonball Adderley
13. Stormy - Duke Pearson
14. Gospel Truth - Les McCann
15. Brother Isaac - Charlie Byrd
16. Thre Will Never Be Another You - Sandler & Young
17. Sampaguita - Moacir Santos
18. Soul Searchin - Horace Silver
19. Theme From Electric Surfboard - Brother Jack McDuff

MP3: DJ MURO - Blue Note Mix Zip file. 89MBs

Monday, April 03, 2006

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Awesome Vlog: Docmaker on the Go.

How good is this? First video is an interview with ODB's mum.

Basically the site is a video blog with some great candid clips straight from New York. Even though not many of the people filmed are even slightly known, it still makes for interesting viewing. Documentary filmmaker Lynne Lane has gone to a great effort to capture these spontaneous moments, as well as focusing on the early participants of hip hop culture. They are currently working on a DVD magazine & are hoping to make a feature film this year as well.

Check for more information here.
Image Hosted by
HIP HOP Unbound, NY. April 3rd/15th 2006

Hip Hop Unbound website. Skirlball Centre @ MySpace.
Image Hosted by
B-BOY videogame from Sony.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has today announced the development of B-Boy for both PlayStation2 and PSP. Set for release in September 2006, the game will bring the hip-hop derived sub-culture to Sony's consoles with the help of host and icon of B-Boy, Crazy Legs, as players progress through the ranks from the streets to the World Championships.

In addition to a number of different arcade modes that you can jump into for instant head-to-head contests (including wireless play for the PlayStation Portable version), B-Boy will feature a single-player "B-Boy Life" mode in which you'll get to create your own breaker and form your own crew. As you progress through the game, you'll be able to upgrade your breaker by learning up to 800 motion-captured moves. As your crew earns respect in competitions at 21 venues from all over the world, you'll encounter around 40 rival B-boy superstars, including the likes of Kamel, Ivan "The Urban Action Figure", Crumbs, Hong10, Lillou and Mouse. The game will also include 40 hip-hop tracks mixed in-game, as well as multiplayer face-off modes.

"B-boy culture is one of the four core elements of hip-hop, and the team SCEE and FreeStyleGames have managed to put together this game in a way that means the hip-hop community can be sure that the integrity and art of b-boying won't be compromised," said Crazy Legs. "It's great to know that they have actively sought out the real b-boys that make the scene what it is today to make this game happen."

More info at Freestyle Games.