Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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WAH MAGAZINE - Female focused PDF
Ha, you heard it here first. Wah Magazine has just launched their first issue this November. This is what they say: Wah magazine is a bi-monthly London based hip hop magazine for girls. We celebrate our culture & women who are making moves in the industry. It's a downloadable full colour PDF, but unlike most PDF magazines, this one is in hi-res, 53 pages & is seriously chockfull of articles & information. Interviews with Sarah Love, C-Mone, Elf Rock, Ethel, Renee Silver, Rahel & many more. They also seem to have a sneaker obsession. Which brings up the point of how I stumbled across the site. Check the other link below.

Wah Magazine

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Sneaker Fiend Website for the Ladies,
This is crazy. Even the girls are getting seriously busy with the sneaker obsession. Well I never. Nice site. Lots of bits & bobs to keep anyone, male or female, salivating at all the kicks that are featured. It's all run by a self proclaimed footwear nut named Lori. She's created an elaborate & personal site that has articles & interviews with fellow sneaker chicks & it makes for a great read. Well done.

This is the intro blurb:
What's a Female Sneaker fiend? You Are: If you are female and you've got some crazy passion about your sneaks! You might have tons of sneakers or only a few favorites. You might obsess about keeping them perfectly clean, lacing them just so, or having what nobody else's got. If your sneakers come first, this could be you… check it out.

Female Sneaker Fiend website

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• Here's a bonus Sneaker website - Freshness Very!!!

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it's cool how u support the hip hop ladiez :) keep up the good work!