Thursday, November 17, 2005

GHOSTFACE KILLER's 'Raw Footage' sampler
Just received a sampler from Ghostface's upcoming album 'Raw Footage'. Though I have also been informed that it has been shelved, or rather postponed. I would then presume that his album with Trife Da God, '7:18 Stapleton to Somalia' will be the next release. Track 3 on the sampler uses the bassline from Taana Gardner's 'Heartbeat' while another, Track 4 samples the vocals of 70's folky Funkadelic fringe member Ruth Copeland. Soulstrut member Moss contributes the best track (see below). They are all unnamed so forgive the lack of details. Rumour abounds that some of these tracks might never see a release.
The image is taken from a 2004 show in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

MP3: Ghostface Killer - Track 1 from 'Raw Footage' sampler

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it's all here. good.