Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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TOM GREEN records album with Beastie Boys producer
Seems as though the former skater cum chucklemaster was in a crew called Organized Rhyme back in his hometown of Ottawa. Strangely enough in 1993 Drew Barrymore's ex even managed to get nominated with his crew for the Canadian version of a Grammy, The Juno. Now he's back to his old tricks recording material with Beastie Boys associate, DJ E-Z Mike. The album is entitled Prepare for Impact & with track titles like Your Bum is on My Lips I can assume it will be more comedy oriented than Anticon styled. Ha! Sounds like he's bouncing back from his bout with testicular cancer in a therapeutic way. Watch him recording material on his blog.

Tom Green's blog


thebrownbriefcase said...

don't get tom green.
he looks damn old on that site blaze!

idiotproof67 said...

Only if I get a copy sent free.. Ha!
Wasn't this the guy who ate a goldfish or a mouse something like that.
I'm just the messenger...