Tuesday, November 29, 2005

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LONDON POSSE – London Posse 12"
BIG LIFE. 1987
A1 – London Posse
A2 – London Posse (Radio Edit)
B1 – My Beatbox Reggae Style
B2 – Posse (Instrumental Dub)

Their single Money Mad on Tim Westwoods short-lived label Justice, seems to get all the focus & some are led to believe that it was their debut single. A year before that record they released this excellent record on Big Life. The original members included the 1st appearance of an emcee named Rodie Rok, who not long after changed his name to…his real name, Rodney P. Bionic MC was also there from the start, but DJ Biznizz was on this record & then left not long after. The beatboxer was a kid named Sipho, he also left the crew to hang out with Derek B. Unfortunately he passed away in December 2004. Their name was coined when they were on tour with Big Audio Dynamite in New York. Because of their thick cockney accents, which was unusual & interesting to the Americans, this unamed crew of 4 were immediately called The London Posse. Cementing the belief that retaining your own identity is worth more than disguising it. These 2 tracks still hold up almost 20 years later.

MP3: LONDON POSSE - My Beatbox Reggae Style
MP3: LONDON POSSE - London Posse

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thebrownbriefcase said...

man love london posse eh. rodney p is ragga goodness!