Sunday, November 20, 2005

Melbourne's Herald Sun is on the attack again...
Graffiti City. 18 Nov 05

"MELBOURNE City Council is to be commended for pushing a zero tolerance policy on graffiti vandalism.

But the $6725 it outlaid on a report which canvassed the views of 41 graffiti vandals was money not well spent. Councillors sensibly ignored the report and will order a crackdown based on quick removal of ugly graffiti and so-called tags that blight Melbourne.

The council has perhaps realised something needs to be done quickly to clean up the city if we are not to be embarrassed at the Commonwealth Games. Those who classify graffiti as street art and argue there should be high tolerance zones where this moronic vandalism is tolerated are naive and have no understanding of the deep anti-social streak that drives vandalism of all kinds.

There is nothing artistic about graffiti and those who deface our city should be caught and forced to clean up their mess."

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