Saturday, November 19, 2005

MP3 GENIUS website closes forum.
The MPC Genius has had a website up for about 5 years but only added a message baord early this year. It was seriously going off the richter scale recently. People were uploading an amazing amount of rare & obscure MP3s of early hip hop & electro records. Due to family commitments & life changes Russ had to close it down. It didn't take long for someone else to jump in quick & start up a new board. So if you are at all interested in the old school side of hip hop, then it is definitely another place to hook up & gather information. And unlike most message boards, they all seem to have their heads on straight. The distinct lack of e-beef is refreshing.

Old Website
Link: MP3 GENIUS LIVES - New Message Board
MP3: MPC GENIUS - Dig This!!
From a super limited promotional mailout 45.

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