Saturday, November 19, 2005

RCA. VNL1-0208. 1973. Recorded in Sydney. Producer Gus McNeil
Mother Earth
Drums: Russell Dunlop
Bass: Harry Bruce
Guitar: Jim Kelly
Guitar: Mark Punch
2 tracks from this self-titled debut album stand out. The very soulful If Only You Believe & the up-tempo funk joint, Them Changes. Check out her website for more information. Apparently the next single from Weapon X & Ken Hell's album Sneaker Pimpin' will be their update of Renee's song Stares & Whispers. In which she also provided new vocals.


Link: BOOK:Autobiography Confessions of a Difficult Woman
MP3: RENEE GEYER - If Only You Believe
MP3: RENEE GEYER - Them Changes

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FlyinGenie said...

i have a renee geyer cd playing right now..what a coincidence!