Thursday, December 01, 2005

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X-COLOR/Graffiti in Japan Exhibition Oct 1st -Dec 4th
Graffiti art has taken a very long long time to develop in Japan, but is finally beginning to flourish with some very unique styles. The typical New York style is relatively absent, with more of an emphasis on utilising artistic styles & ideas from their own cultural heritage. Magazines like Kaze have helped to foster a homegrown appreciation of the artform. So it's fantastic to see an exhibition like this in Mito (north of Tokyo) totally focused on homegrown artists. Could someone grab me a copy of the book if possible. I'd be ever so grateful...

• In English - Art Tower venue info
• Tokyo Art gallery showings - Tokyo Art Beat

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X-Color:Graffiti In Japan
Format: Softcover, ISBN: 4-902943-11-5
Publisher: © Foil, 152 pages, Japanese text

"And this is Japans first book on it's own graffiti scene.
Includes art work from 38 of the leading graffiti artists of Japan, as well as images capturing the process of creation of the graffiti displayed during the "X-COLOR Graffiti in Japan" Exhibition. With a variety of styles and live excitement of creation – feast your eyes on the "Now" of the Japanese graffiti scene, bound into a single volume for the first time ever!"

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Kaze Magazine website

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