Thursday, November 24, 2005

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UK:GIACOMO - Building
Seems ages ago, but British lad Giacomo travelled around Australia when Celsius were recording their debut album. Sereck asked if he'd like to add some scratches to their album, so he obliged & ripped it on a few tracks. He then backpacked around the country with his MPC in tow visiting the many thrift stores looking for cheap records that he could sample to make beats in his spare time. A few years later he released the Fresh Air EP with Sam Sure. Then he later came out with his own instrumental album Programmed Percussion & has followed that up a few years later with this gem, Building. Of the 8 tracks, only one features vocals, the rest are lushly arranged straight up instro hip hop bangers. Tired Hand is my fave, but I thought I'd up the vocal track. Less eclectic & raucous than DJ Shadow & RJD2's latest work, but a pleasurable listen.
Only available on vinyl.

MP3: GIACOMO - Changing Times ft. Sam Sure
From the album, Building. CANTEEN. 2005 UK. Distributed by Shogun

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