Saturday, November 26, 2005

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EMBEE - Tellings from Solitaria
Finally it gets a local release. Almost a year later.
Not to be confused with the UK DnB producer with the same name, this one is Magnus Bergkvist, one of the producers in Sweden's Loop Troop. After a few side projects that culminated in some highly impressive EPS, Embee comes correct with an album of varying styles. He won best album of the Urban section of the Swedish Grammis. Among the guests we get acoustic guitar maestro José González of Gothenberg (who is actually in Australia this month), 21yr old female jazz vocalist Vanessa Liftig (her group BLESS also appears on the track Soulrain), the thoughtful Rhodesian born singer Rantoboko, the industrious emcee Timbuktu & of course Loop Troop. It's a deeply soulful selection with a sophisticated sound from a dj/producer that used to be known as DJ MC Marshall. A true gem worthy of any awards thrown at it.

Loop Troop website

VIDEO: EMBEE ft. José Gonzalez - Send Someone Away Quicktime
VIDEO: EMBEE ft. Vanessa Liftig - Not Tonite Real Player stream
MP3: EMBEE - Brev Från Kabitten
This is an exclusive track that was on a promo only CD. It's a pretty fresh instrumental with kids & an old crooner dude singing.
MP3: EMBEE ft Timbuktu - The Sallad Days
From the album, Tellings from Solitaria. DVG/Method. 2005 Sweden. Distributed by Shock

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