Monday, November 21, 2005

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DJ ROB SWIFT - Wargames
A DJ themed album with social commentary?
Well that is a first. Not too sure who this is aimed at or if it's just something that Rob had to do on a personal level. His liners notes display the effect that 9/11 had on his psyche. It obviously made an impact. Musically well below his previous excellent album, Sound Event, which would be a hard task for anyone to better. I applaud his intention, but muffle clap this result. It's just....well, a bit lacklustre. I can only see it really appealing to those who are turntablist freaks. And I do not really enjoy hearing George Bush's voice all the time. There are some guests, like Akinyele, Breez Evaflowin, DJ Quest, Melo-D, Ricci Rucker, Toadstyle & several more. Rob even tries to bring Large Pro back for Another Friendly Game of Baseball with mixed results. It's cool, but could've been so much more. It is a double disc with the other being a DVD. In the end I just don't think it works all that well. Another conceptual album that should have probably remained a concept in thought only.

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MP3: ROB SWIFT - Another Friendly Game of Baseball
From the album, Wargames. Coup de Grace. 2005 USA. Distributed by Stomp

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