Friday, November 25, 2005

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Opens in Australia on the 12/01/2006.
Yeah, you know you'll go & see it, well I know I will anyway, strictly for review purposes of course. I still can't believe that Jim (My Left Foot) Sheridan directed it. Seems such an abstract decision to choose an Irish guy who's claim to fame was depicting the historic struggles of his own people. I haven't checked the soundtrack but indy producer Jake One gets in on the action with the track, I Don't Know Officer. The film has been lambasted in the US. It's made about 25mil at the box office so far. On Rotten Tomatoes & IMBd it has struggled to get more than 25% approval. I mean Fiddy is a shitty rapper at best, what the hell makes anyone think he could act? I taped the episode when he was on Letterman & he came off all quiet & humble, but he then launched into a track that was a diss towards Nas. Musically it was pretty cool, but geez he's crap on the mic. Where's the charisma? He actually comes across as, well...dull.

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MP3: 50 CENT - Window Shopper - Live
From the Late Show with David Letterman. Nov. 2005.

• This is an excellent read from Ben Rayner of The Toronto Star on the attempt to ban Fiddy's film: Stop giving hip hop a bad rap

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