Saturday, November 19, 2005

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EQUILLS - The New Threat
Melbournes 3 man crew consists of Mantra, Whisper & Wax Vandal. Most of the beats are handled inhouse, though Weapon X does the 'club thing' for the title track & Bass Clef provides some new ideas with his beat on Ignite the Sky. My pick would be Jase's track, Pages, though Count Bounce's Rife in This with its flippity Spanish Guitar/castanet sampled track that tests the emcees flows had my attention. Musically they definitely have a penchant for strings. Lyrically they speak on life the shit that one has to go through to survive. Though occasionally they like to create a dark world of doom such as on Demonology. They are mates with the Awakenings crew, with Mantra recently hooking up with Chasm for the track, Cyanide Tip on his recent 7" vinyl release. This has been released independently on their own imprint.

MP3: EQUILLS - Pages (The Rewrite)
From the album, The New Threat. EQUILLS. 2005 Australia. Distributed by Shogun

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