Sunday, November 27, 2005

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Perspectives on the recent French riots

200 French politicians have backed a petition from one of the country's MPs calling for legal action against seven rappers and bands which he claims have fuelled the recent riots that have taken place around the country. At the very least the MP wants the named artists' music banned from having airplay on French radio stations.

MP Francois Grosdidier told France-Info Radio that he was not surprised young people had taken part in rioting in key French cities after being exposed to music which, he claims, incites violence. He told the radio station: "When people hear this all day long and when these words swirl round in their heads, it is no surprise that they then see red as soon as they walk past policemen or simply people who are different from them."

Published on 25 November 2005 | Source: CMU/Unlimited Media

The French Prime Minister dismisses the above claims - BBC news

You'd think that not one politician in France had ever watched the film La Haine, or even bothered to find out what is wrong in their country, in regards to it’s policy of non-multicultural integration. The you either become French or we ignore you rhetoric has surely had a wake-up call. How can a country invade another country colonise it, then get upset when the citizens from the 'colonised' countries want to go live in their land. Seems only fair trade for all the shit they went through. Would that be too much to ask? Seems as though the French's intolerance of anything from outside has now burst open irrevocably. Yet still people within the country are pointing at everything except for the root cause. As an outsider watching the film La Haine, it hinted at the situation that was the ghettoised areas of the outskirts suburbs of a Paris & beyond. It depicted immigrant families struggles & the abuse at the hands of the gendarme living in massive run down housing commission block apartments. Nice!

The French have always been so insistent on being French that it has obviously been detrimental to a huge section of the society there. And now the politicians & the jumped up right wing media have now started to BLAME hip hop or rather 'Rap Artists' for causing the problems. Not the other way around of course. That would be too logical. That the artists were reporting on the problems that were occurring in the first place in their lyrics. Nooo!! Couldn't be. Amazing. Lets shoot the messenger for he is the cause... Whew..!! Ya gotta love that screwy logic. There is obviously a huge problem & it needs to be addressed.

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• The prophetic content of the film La Haine is discussed with director Mathieu Kassovitz - New York Times

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