Friday, November 25, 2005

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Dedicated to the deejays who play with the circle in mind.

DJ WOODO - Switzerland.
Pronounced Voodoo. Former b-boy himself, Woodo was chosen as one of the djs for BOTY 2002 & 2003. Also had the track, Remerciements included on the BOTY-2003 soundtrack. To be nice to everyone I've upped his amazing dedication track he did for his friend DJ Leacy's memory that was included on the CD, Together Forever We Are Number # 1. Leacy was one of the best djs on the b-boy circuit. Unfortunately he lost his life last year (I'll do his profile soon). Woodo is currently working with fellow countrymen & funky drummer JJ Flueck aka J:Loop. They recently released the EP Raw and Dirty Cuts from the Funky Kitchen. Woodo is definitely a digger & realises that there are far more gems to be unearthed & played than the UB&B catalogue. Keeps it fresh, original & forward thinking. His mixes are seriously some of the dopest ones you will hear. You can download a few of them off his website. If you like your funk up-tempo, skillfull scratched & mixed with vocal drops, then seriously, track his mix-CDs down. He recently played for the Chinese BOTY competition & is playing for the Swedish b-boy comp next month.

DJ Woodo website

MP3: DJ Woodo - A Tribute To Break - DJ James Leacy - R.I.P
From the CD, Together Forever We Are Number # 1 - DJ Woodo VS J:Loop.
Available here -
Video: DJ Woodo, J:Loop & Freestyle (The Arsonists) - In the studio QT 2mbs

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