Wednesday, November 23, 2005

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UK Breakdance compilation TV advert
I thought this was cool. Only 30 secs, but took me back to 1984 for half a minute. The usual mob are on the CD selection. From Sanctuary records.

Video: TV ad - Breakdance CD Real player Stream

Here's some bonus Apple ads with hip hop content:
QT Video: Apple TV ad - iPod - b-boy
QT Video: Apple TV ad - iPod - hip hop 1
QT Video: Apple TV ad - iPod - hip hop 2
QT Video: Apple TV ad - iPod Saturday - Ozomatli
QT Video: Apple TV ad Oct (pulled off air) - iPod with Eminem


AliaK said...

why was the eminem pulled off air - it's still showing in Auckland.. at least I remember seeing it last weekend.

idiotproof67 said...

There doesn't seem to be any reason. Rumours abound, but nothing concrete from Apple. Some say it was a clever way to draw interest, some said it was a rip-off from a Lugz ad a few years back, some say that Eminem wanted it pulled. Some regional stations in the US hadn't received the memo & still played it. Who knows the real reason??

I found this...
"The ad was briefly broadcast, but was quickly pulled and hasn't been seen since, not even on Apple's site. Get your taste of this 30-second H264-encoded spot before Apple's legal eagles force its removal..."