Friday, November 18, 2005

These German ITF & DMC winners have a similiar graft on the absurd humour as the Scratch Picklz. Something that is definitely needed for most turntablists, if they want non-fanatics to pay attention. Otherwise it gets all too po-faced & introspective for outsiders to grasp. The album is laced filled with tracks made entirely from records. No sampling, just layers & layers of records scratched in. Sure it can get a bit too much all at once, but that is the essence of this style of music. Broccoli Wars is the the standout track, but in it's genre, it's a standout.

Video: NOISY STYLUS - Broccoli Wars
MP3: NOISY STYLUS - Music Sucks
From the album, Table Manners. BADB. 2005 Germany.
Distributed by Stomp

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