Thursday, November 24, 2005

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Romanian crew PARAZITII to support WU-TANG CLAN.
*WARNING* Apparently this crew is anti-Gypsy.

By Otilia Haraga of Bucharest Daily News.

Parazitii is the only Romanian band which will perform at the opening of the Wu- Tang Killa Beez concert which will take place in Bucharest on February 15 at the Polivalenta Hall. The band received agreement to perform after negotiations which lasted more than a week between the organizers of the Wu - Tang Killa Beez concert in Bucharest and the management of the American hip - hop band.

According to the organizers, hip - hop fans will witness over three hours of performance by Shabazz the Disciple (the most well-known MC in the band who has collaborated with Sunz of Man & Gravediggaz), DJ Sueside, Beretta 9 and Shogun Assasson (the latter being two of the MCs of the Killarmy band), Cilvarings (the only European MC in the Wu-Tang family), Barracuda, Bronze Nazareth (the most recent member of the Wu movement, which produces albums for Afu - Ra, Masta Killa and Cilvaringz) and Blue Raspberry (the only woman in the band). Apart from Parazitii, Salah Edin, an Arabian rapper will also perform at the opening of the show.

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