Wednesday, January 25, 2006

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Upcoming Swiss hip hop film, 'Breakout'.

Director: Mike Eschmann
Stars: Daniel Wellauer, Melanie Winiger.
Release date: 2007
Length: 90mins
Still in production.

Work is currently underway on Switzerland's 1st hip hop motion picture. Though a few years ago there was a film called Status Yo! that was a German/Swiss co-production, but it was set in Berlin so it doesn't really qualify. Trying to translate Swiss/German through Babelfish's German to English program means that I have not much of an idea what is going on. I also realised that it is still a work in progress & that roles for extras are actually occuring from 23 January to 4 March in Zurich. You just have to go to the website & fill in a form. The good news is that the director has already had some acclaim with a comedy he made in 2003 called, Achtung, fertig, Charlie!. It's not like the Swiss are crazy prolific in the cinema world, so it's with fingers crossed that Breakout turns out for the best when completed.

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