Monday, January 02, 2006

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Naturally the world of Podcasting has taken off in all genres of music. Hip hop hasn't been left alone. Most have been made by fans of the music, but now it seems that we will be getting some that are hosted by the artists themselves. The first one I've seen is from the San Fran collective, Hieroglyphics. It's available on their website as well as on the new Iconocastic site. There are a zillion directory websites & thousandss of music ones. It's an almost uphill task to keep up, so buggered if I'm going to listen to them all & recommend any. The one I did like has now dissappeared after 18 episodes. The kooky Doo Doo Def Show featured a trio of old school hip hop heads talking about yesteryears music & featuring demos of new artists. If you know any good uns, let me know.

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