Monday, January 16, 2006

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That bonkers katana wielding, shuriken chucking black clad assassin of the turntables returns with his long awaited sequel, Ho! Revenge of the Ninja 2. It's a totally Sonny Chiba kookfest with Jaguar & his magic stick battling the evil DJ Nuptial the wedding party DJ & other assorted conveyers of bad taste. Tiger Chan & The Fat Boss Crew provide the additionaly vinyl support every time the Chuck D alarm goes off. Ha ha!

If you like the British sense of humour, Ninjas, scratching, theatrics, beats & a whole lot of insanity, then you'll regret not seeking this out. I have his 1st mix & his shit is hilarious. A lot of work has been put into this & you'll have a pisser of a time listening to the tomfoolery, especially by those bored of serious turntable mixes.

Listen to the phone call to NY's Fat Beats in the download section. Ha ha ha...

The Superninjas website have it in stock.

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