Wednesday, January 04, 2006

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New Helsinki funk/boogie night.
Club Solid Gold: Uptempo Soul! Classic Disco! Body-rocking Boogie!

New monthly night in Helsinki, started by Pablo Steffa have just upped their website. Yeah I know, it's pretty bloody useless information for most, but there is always a method to my madness. They have a page with label scans & lo-fi mp3s of the tracks they play. A handy resource for any soul/disco record nerd. 64kbps might suck, but at least eBay is only a click away if you hear something you do like. Or you just might be in Finland's capital city on the 20th of Jan to see & hear New York's Chairman Mao do his thing at the Club Rose Garden.

Sampo, who is one of the lads from the record store Lifesaver in Helsinki, has a dope lil' soul mix upped at the moment. Grab it before it goes.

Solid Gold website
• Sampo's Friday Morning Solid Gold mix 128kbps. 50mins.

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