Monday, January 16, 2006

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French writer, Woshe's 'Blackbook'.

Black Book: Les mains dans l'alphabet
Language: French
Published: 15 Sept 2005
143 pages. ISBN: 2862274615. Dimensions: 27cm x 2cm x 18cm. 25 euros.

Legendary French writer with 20 years behind him. Preface by Darco (FBI).

Another Babelfish translation
A blackbook different from those escapes till now. The structure would seem that technique of a school book, the writing and its letters come more analyzed in their hidden details, the all explained meticulously with some line of text and tantissime tables signed from Woshe, the author of this incredible publication. The book is divided in 3 distinguished sections. Before one calls Anatomy and extension, letter for letter, the structure, the loop, the weights and its evolution, with clear and chronological passages. In this section we find also a space dedicated to the tag, to the block, the flop, and the wildstyle, where they come analyzed inclinations, shapes and curves. The second section, Surgery, are taken care of the piece in its totality, facing of the infuences. Last part, Harmony, are dedicated to the style in its totality, with colorations, shapes of pieces and weigh. To the end of this section they are included sketch of others writer, many of the which French, that they put in practical the indications previous interpreting to they way and with their style, the lettering. A complete book, adapted to most inexpert and those most expert ones that they want to deepen the technical topic of letters. In order to understand when it can be still spoken about letters and not only about shapes.

Blackbook exhibition
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Paris gallery dedicated to graffiti writers

Since 1990, Willem Speerstra has presented works from American Graffiti writers such as Crash, Daze, Jonone and Sharp. The Gallery's permanent collection including works by Bill Blast, Rammellzee, Noc 167, Seen, Blade, Dondi White and Keith Haring. He opens his own space in 2001, specializing in French and Post American Graffiti. The gallery is located in the heart of old Marais Gallery area.

The gallery is located in the historic district of the Marais near the Picasso museum.
Address: 4/6 rue du perche 75003 Paris France.

Gallery space

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