Thursday, January 12, 2006

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Okay, Vinyl Addicts do a pretty good job with the odd video from time to time, but now comes another Dutch site that is this dedicated to videoclips. The classic early/mid 90s shit. Large Pro, KMD, Nine, Bush Babees, Ed OG, Pete Rock, Rakim, Lord Finesse, Gravediggaz, etc... They look to be taken from European version of YO MTV. Some have digital glitches. The only one of downloaded was the Large Professor Mad Scientist clip & it had a few screechy bits. Visually & sonically. Though they did state that it suffered from this fact.

They have even uploaded a 282MB QT file of the 1984 BBC produced 'Beat This' documentary with Herc & Bam, etc... Essential. Rapidshare hosting so be patient & keep trying. It eventually works.

I'm about to run out of hardrive space again. They've only been up since November so there's a good chance you can dl everything. Just make sure you say thanks. It's always appreciated.

Check his links... for more.

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Kenny said...

wooooord. thanks for the shoutout. from amsterdam to sydney we doing this!

The Large Pro has a few fuckups indeed. The rippers I know couldn't get a good rip. I found someone else to do it, but it will take a while. Some of the vids I rip, and a lot are by others who are willing to trade or give freely.
We just want it out there for everyone who wants to enjoy the art.
I know that when I'm old and on pension, I'm just gonna lay back, smoke a blunt and watch these hiphopvideo's all day :)