Monday, January 16, 2006

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New book on the history of Graffiti in France.
English title: In situ: A panorama of the urban art of 1975 to our days
In situ : Un panorama de l'art urbain de 1975 à nos jours
Authors: de Stéphanie Lemoine & Julien Terral
Language: French
Published: Nov 1, 2005)
159 pages. ISBN : 2862274658 . Dimensions: 24cm x 2cm x 27cm. 30 euros

Another Babelfish translation...
Presentation of the editor a glance attentive with the walls of the large cities is enough to be convinced some: art conquered the street. In spite of the prohibition proclaimed by the Republic, posters, stencil key sets or graffiti raise colors the environment of the townsmen. The phenomenon is not new. For forty years, plastics technicians have questioned the city and their works expose to it. Today however, a new generation of artists, of which much grew Posca with the hand, revisits the esthetics of the street. After the effervescence of the Eighties and the repression of the Nineties, this "new wave" Marie the techniques, multiplies the supports and develops an original plastic language in margin of the official circuits. It is with a panorama of urban art that In situ invites us. The work reconsiders the appearance and the development of this plentiful mobility and draws up an inventory of fixtures of the practices. The artists there tell their course, explain their step, analyze and comment on a mode of expression whose vitality allures the townsmen.

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