Wednesday, January 04, 2006

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Denmark's DJ STATIC & NAT ILL's Teamwork album

I'll let them speak for themselves about their new album together.

"The concept of Stat & Nat is simple; to produce banging Boom Bap music that hits you right in the deepest chambers of your Hip Hop heart. Do it with originality, skills and without compromise. Put together some complicated and well-thought out puzzles composed of beats, rhymes, scratching and wordcuts. Bring it all to the stage or to the studio and there you have it - Teamwork!

We have been a part of this culture for many years and studied every aspect of it. We have been working together for more than 10 years through ups and downs, traveled the world with a big bag of vinyl and rocked a lot of shows. We have paid our dues the hard way and now it is time to take our experiences, knowledge and chemistry and put it all on wax.

Teamwork is born and we are very proud of the outcome. It is a detailed journey into rhymes, scratching, wordcuts and hardcore beats. The album is packed with pure, fresh B-Boy flavour. The content, the spirit and the style all follows in the footsteps of classic Hip Hop groups consisting of 1MC and 1DJ such as Cash Money & Marvelous, Low Profile, Eric B & Rakim, Fresco & Miz, Showbiz & AG, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Gangstarr etc. Teamwork is in many ways a tribute to these groups and the blueprints they have created but at the same time it is also a further development of the 1MC1DJ style of rocking".

Guests on their album include, Promoe, Slug, Blueprint, Pacewon, DJ Shine, DJ Noize, The Last Emperor & DJ Format's pal, Abdominal. As they say, it is classic boom-bap style. And they don't lie. Download the videoclip, Getuporgetout with Promoe off their site.

Static & Nat Ill website

MP3: STATIC & NAT ILL - Denmark's Finest ft DJ Shine & DJ Noize
MP3: DJ STATIC - 1998 DMC final

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marcelo said...

The DJ STATIC & NAT ILL's Teamwork album is one of the best albums of 2005. I love it. Boom bap indeed.