Wednesday, January 11, 2006

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Download SUBWAY ART. The book in PDF format.

All I can really say is WOW!!!
You can also download Spraycan Art & a few recent graff videos. Not sure how long they will be up, but this was a surprise & I guess if you are that way inclined you'd better get in on the action asap.
The PDF of Subway Art is about 90MBs. Handy format to have it in, so don't front.

Graff downloads


Anonymous said...

Great link IP...
I have both the books in print, but the vids are gold.
Thank god for broadband :)

AliaK said...

yeah thanks. I have the books too but they;re in another country so good to be able to see them again whilst away from my stuff. I sometimes wish if you bought a book they'd give you a url to the pdf version if you wanted it. would be so handy when travelling!
ps your rss feed is working well. can read offline & just visit here to comment