Saturday, January 07, 2006

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2 forgotten films from the 80s

The Delivery Boys
Directed by Ken Handler. 1985.

Stupid film featuring members of the Brooklyn b-boy crew The Dynamic Rockers as pizza delivery boys.

PLOT: A women's underwear manufacturer sponsors the b-boy crew, while a rival team's sponsor tries to sabotage their efforts so they won't be able to perform at the upcoming neighbourhood b-boy battle. Some nice shots of them practising near the Brooklyn Bridge, but really it's just a terrible 80's teen comedy. Some utterly absurd situations occur while they are on the job delivering. Mario Van Peebles plays a gangster & Charlie 'Rock' Jimenez of electro rap crew The Fantasy Three also appears as himself. There are even a few Fantasy Three songs throughout the film. The Dynamic Rockers were a big crew & one of the splinter crews were the Dynamic Breakers. They had 2 singles on Sunnyview Records, Kim & the much better Dynamic. Niether are in the film, but dope nonetheless. So I upped one one of them because I just made some pancakes & they rocked, so it put me on a honey high & I was feeling generous. The trailer makes the film look even shittier than it is.

MP3: DYNAMIC BREAKERS - Dynamic Sunnyview. 1984

Knights of the City
Directed by Dominic Orlando. 1986. Also known as Cry of the City.

The scriptwriter of the film was actor Leon Isaac Kennedy, probably most well known for the lead role in the black prison movie trilogy, Penitentiary. His 1st film role was in the Fred Williamson flick, Mean Johhny Barrows in 1976 & his last role was the final prison film in 1987. I have no idea what he was thinking with this corny stupid movie.

PLOT: Bunch of MTV looking thugs want to break into the rap industry & leave thier naughty days behind, but they find it hard to break away from the lifestyle. Well, that's how I remember it. You can tell it was directed by someone who worked in television. It's pretty cruddy. It's saving grace is when you hear some of the electro beats. Apparently Man Parrish had some involvement in the film soundtrack. The one track that I do remember that was in the film was Amos Larkins III's production of MC Flex & the FBI Crew's killer tune Rockin' It. This Miami b-boy crew had their dance scenes cut. The Fat Boys, Kurtis Blow & RSC's Frosty Freeze all make appearances & are the best parts of the film. I don't think this ever had a soundtrack release.

I can't believe they even saw a DVD release. Only in the UK. Try Amazon UK. If I saw them for $10, then maybe I'd consider it.

MP3: MC FLEX & THE FBI CREW - Rockin' It Posse Records. 1984

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Idiotproof, I have a Posse Records Compilation with a couple of tracks featuring Ice T, Mele Mel, Bronx Style Bob and Afrika Islam ("The Beach" & "Cars") I badly want the latter on disc for my car but can't rip tracks, If you have "Cars" and could find the time to rip it for me it would be appreciated, and if there are any tracks that your after let me know and if I have them on disc i'll do the same for you??????