Saturday, January 21, 2006

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France's ARTHUR KING & UNCLE T's 'Gangster Boogie' mix CD

I love mix CDs. Well, good ones of course. I don't particularily care for the recent trend of the 'mixtape' albums that every blinging rapper & his pissant crew puts out to promote a forthcoming album, nor do I care for ones that just contain exclusives, nor do I like the style where the dj screams his name all over the damn shop. Nah, I like just mine with blends, scratches & dope music. Doesn't really matter the genre, though I much prefer a mix of hip hop, funk, soul, soundtracks, easy listening & scratched up dialogue. A bit of kookiness thrown in is also most appreciated. Something that will get a repeat listen.

I saw a post on this on Soul Strut (no-one responded) & thought I'd investigate simply because I liked the cover. It's an excellent mixed collection of not so rare tracks. One look at the cover & you would most likely say, 'got 'em all', doesn't matter, because the mix is super fresh, the cuts are tight & it's nice to have a funk mix that isn't by J-Rocc or Melo-D. Contains' mostly west coast gangster soul/funk. Having about 3 Expedits in my house as well kind of swayed me. I ordered it from this site, CD & LP (because it was 2 Euros cheaper) & it arrived 10 days later from France.

Click on the website link & then click 'buy' for a track listing.
There's also a 10MB 'snippet' download.

Gangster Boogie site


Anonymous said...

well someone replied here blaze. nice one, thanks again. from mr.nic

Anonymous said...

Thx for the review! Here's a link to my new CD, available very soon!
More pop-oriented but still in a very hip-hop type of mix.