Thursday, January 19, 2006

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KOOLISM's new album is coming soon.

To be released on the 20th of Feb via Invada. I've heard the album, New Old Ground & it's a killer. It's their ode to the music they grew up on. Hence the cover look & the style of the tracks. I think they felt they needed to get it out of their system they did a terrific job. Loads of breaks & samples were used for this album, so it takes us back to the glory years of that classic hip hop production. I've upped the brand new single which is a song that talks about their love of the nearly extinct cassette format. Has a dope scratched up chorus for you freaks. This will only be availabe as an album cut anyway, so you'll have to cop the album.

To the overseas people. Have a listen & see what you think of one of our finest crews.

Koolism website
Invada website

MP3: KOOLISM - Tapes

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