Tuesday, January 03, 2006

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The Future of Graffiti DVD
Letter Style & Painting techniques

This is an interesting take on the graffiti DVD concept. Personally I would only be inclined to watch something like this if it showcased major talent. I hate any 'How To' programs performed by hacks. Whats the point. Who wants to see some talentless unknown trying to tell others how to paint. So I was sceptical..until I looked at the gallery page. Dolt. How wrong could I be. It looks like New York's Eaz One stuff & it is. The clue was in the website url. Der!!! I love his style. In fact FX Crew are one of my all time faves. You can watch 2 trailers embedded on his website. Dope. I'm ordering this one straight away...

Also includes interviews with New York Graffiti Kings: Ces, Cope 2, Ovie, Zephyr & T-Kid 170.

Eaz One productions
FX Crew


BULLANT said...

Looks pretty sick, I've seen some nice ones lately, a while ago I bought one called "Write & Unite" that was worth the cash with mostly Euro walls featuring all the favourites.

Zuka Juice said...

This DVD is amazing! Holy shit! simply amazing on all angles... a definate must have!!!

Mr. Johnson said...

eaz definately did this dvd right and i cant belive he did the whole thing by himself and he did! much props!!!!!