Wednesday, January 11, 2006

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Sensless & Stebzal's 'Bon Rapetit' mix-CD

This sounds like French hip hop with a sense of humour. I have no idea what is going on, but it looks & sounds a bit goofy. Most hip hop from France seems to be all about posturing & looking hard, so I'd be interesting to know more about these guys..

Aaah, Babelfish. Thank you for this quick translation.

"A turntable. Play. 33 turns and half per minute. A hinged jib. A wafer. A crackling. "It is the history of... It is the history of... It is the history of... ". A sample. Poum poum tchack. It is the history of two MCs passionĂ©s of HipHop, music, writing. A cracking. Met into 2000 they rappent together since, and always take as much pleasure to release their rhymes for a piece, a impro or even a slam. Sensless & Stebzal, two blazes which still resounds as an echo in the streets that they traversed of their flows, acappella or helped of simple a beatbox vocal. With the wire of the influences, ideas, desires they approach Rap with their manner: style pĂȘchu and good vibe between humour and writing with cold blood. Words soaked in some drops of sound... Presentations."

Go to the 'Sons' section for some MP3 downloads. Yes it does sound like 2 djs rapping over other peoples records. Sounds like they had fun though. Listen to the mix-CD teaser on the 'VPC' page.

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