Friday, January 06, 2006

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RUGGED magazine. From Carhartt

Oh man, this might be a catalogue thing from the clothing label, but it looks pretty fresh. When art & commerce sit comfortably next to each other & looking this nice, I can only applaud. And I can't knock the label, for they have sponsored a lot of artists that I have liked in the past. They seem intent on sticking with them as well. Or at least the same kind of area. The actual magazine has a great layout with soem interesting content & who gives a fuck if it's a promotional mag. It's free. What's to complain about? I haven't seen a copy, but from 10,000ks away it looks aight! And when you get designers like Sellout Industries & Aevum contributing it's not a bad thing.
250.000 copies printed via Düsseldorf, Germany.

Heck, if they employed me to design a mag like that I'd jump at the chance.
I'm mean, they have RA the Rugged Man on the cover for craps sake. He ain't no oil painting or Pharrel.

Rugged magazine

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Anonymous said...

Wondering if you have any hard copies of Rugged Mag. If you would like to sell them to an eager young academic from the US (where we cannot purchase the carhartt streetware brand), I would much appreciate your help.