Monday, January 16, 2006

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Pre-90s Hip Hop 12" vinyl rips. COLLECTION #1

Every once in a while I will up 20 old school tracks from my collection.
All at 256kbps bit rate. No pissy 128kbps from me. I'll see what the reaction is & if it is positive (ie: leave a comment you leechers. Ha!) I might continue it once a month.

1. D-RAP & K-FRESH - the moment is here.mp3 - 5.64MB 1987.
Non-Miami Bass from Florida. Scratches up children’s song, ‘Shortnin Bread’.
2. SPYDER D - smerphies dance.mp3 - 14.17MB 1982.
Early track with nice 808 production from Vaughn Mason.
3. PRINCE QUICK MIX & DERRICK D - good foot.mp3 - 5.76MB 1988.
Quick Mix became one half of The Nubian Crackers.
4. ONYX - ah and we do it like this.mp3 - 9.30MB 1990
Their debut single on Profile. Years before their bald heads & grimey style. This is smooth.
5. JEWEL T - rock nice.mp3 - 7.41MB 1987.
6. JEWEL T - ride the crossfade.mp3 - 6.92MB 1987.
One of the early white boy emcees. Co-produced by TKD with scratches by DJ Dollar Bill.
7. DEZO DAZ - its my turn.mp3 - 9.09MB 1987.
Produced by Unknown DJ & featuring DJ SLIP. Later became Yomo & released an LP on Ruthless with Maulkie.
8. THE FRESHMEN - who me.mp3 - 8.73MB 1986.
Produced by Man Parrish.
9. E-VETTE MONEY - e-vettes revenge.mp3 – 9.51MB 1987.
Nasty response record to LL Cool J’s ‘Dear Evette’.
10. The MIXMASTERS - dance.mp3 - 10.08MB 1987.
Early Tracy Kendrick & Courtney Branch track (DJ QUIK, Young MC, LA Dream Team, etc...).
11. The MIXMASTERS - girls.mp3 - 14.15MB 1987.
They were Tony G & Lady T. Produced by & featuring Kurtis Blow.
12. THE MANIACS - bum mcs.mp3 - 12.02MB 1986.
13. THE MANIACS - crack crack don’t do it.mp3 - 10.47MB 1986.
Both produced by Cutmaster DC. The label doesn’t state the artists name.
14. ACE LORD CHILLERS - living in a cracktown.mp3 - 10.29MB 1987.
Extended mix of early Bay Area crew. Non-NY anti crack song.
15. POSITIVE K - quarter gram pam.mp3 - 10.21MB1987.
16. POSITIVE K - aint no stoppin me.mp3 - 9.55MB 1987.
His 1st release on First Priority. Produced by Daddy O & Grand Puba.
17. THE MIGHTY MAESTRO - one man band.mp3 - 12.04MB 1989.
18. THE MIGHTY MAESTRO - stop selling me dreams.mp3 - 11.33MB 1989.
2 lesser known Tuff City tracks. The 3rd was a house track ala what 45 King was also making at the time.
19. THE UNION - the union.mp3 - 9.97MB 1989.
20. M.WALK & KING SAUL - im the king.mp3 - 7.88MB 1989.
12” versions from The Union album compilation. Produced by Grandmixer M.Walk. Became Tone Loc’s deejay & produced 2 tracks on Pharcyde’s ‘Labcabincalifornia’.


Anonymous said...

cool. thanks, you deserve a pie

Anonymous said...

Ya nice work .. thanks.

Anonymous said...

you've shamed me into leaving a comment: your music is hot and i am now very hot with love for it too.

Anonymous said...


The link doesn't work.

idiotproof67 said...

Damn. It had an extra forward slash.
I just fixed it.

Thanks guys...

Ironblood said...

Ta Blaze, I'll send you a day

Anonymous said...

nice blog you have :-)
thanks much for these nice pearls :-))


Anonymous said...

thankyou :D

Anonymous said...

Fukin dopeness!! Lovin' it.

Anonymous said...

thanks for these

Whats your atlanta/miami bass collection like?

Frenzie said...

woah! All 20 tracks went straight to my IPOD. Had heard a lot of them before but never knew who they were. Favourites would have to be DEZO DAZ "It's My Turn" and M WALK & KING SAUL - "I'm The King" (2 of the few sample based tracks on the list). Also was cool to hear that Onyx song. Now I know what strait Up used for one of the early 3PBS skits. Muchas Gracias!

idiotproof67 said...

I got loads of MIAMI BASS. I'll do a 20 MP3 special of that very soon. Keep watching...

Not your usual stuff. Sonarphonics, Rock Rangers, Byron Davis, etc...

Castanza said...

You get props over here.

Size 13 said...

Damn Blaze that's a lot of obscure tunes right there. Going to check em when I've got time.

Much thanks.

Anonymous said...

word up Blaze! Dope tracks! Miami Bass special would be hot, as would a Britcore one! Kid Mince.

Anonymous said...

Thanx Blaze.

It's a hassle 2 download 20 tracks @ once cause U have 2 do them 1 by 1 with those sites. Can U post 1 a day instead?

Anonymous said...

LOVE this shit. Keep it goin on!!!

Anonymous said...

Hot stuff!! Wont play in wmp though. Keep it going.

Machiventa said...

mad props homie. i'd love to see more!!

Anonymous said...

nice to hear some rap from the golden era before hip hop died, more of this please. keep it goin