Saturday, December 24, 2005

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London transit cops to use choppers to catch writers
Um, this would be a tad extreme. I'd say they be whooping about in their funky Eurocopter EC135T (as shown above) with infra-red goggles on looking for backpacks & gas masks. Ooh, sounds like a terrorist to me

Officers have called in the "spy in the sky" to hunt down the vandals who trespass on the railways to deface trains and depots.

British Transport Police (BTP) plans to mount a special operation in New Cross following a huge increase in trackside graffiti in the past two months. High-visibility patrols with dogs in trains, stations and depots in the area will be supported from the air by a police chopper.

BTP's Inspector Gary Clark said: "It's highly important that we all work together to tackle this antisocial crime. Graffiti is an unnecessary, costly and unsightly nuisance".

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AliaK said...

how expensive would that be to the taxpayers! think of the cost involved just to get one of those off the ground. ouch