Wednesday, December 07, 2005

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Christmas Raps for you festive freaks
Oh why oh why did I do this. Xmas raps... Oh deary me. Cheeseball city. Though, some are actually pretty cool. Yeah, what am I saying. Some of this stuff rocks. Stick that in ya whiskers while I curdle your goat. Throw a whizbang party for the ladies & put these gems on, so when they walk under the mistletoe they'll be captivated by the crazy seasonal beats. Nah mean?

Except it's like 38º celsius down here. No snow this year... Again.

MP3: SUPER J - Santa's Rap Party
Early boogie rap on the Sound of New York label. 1980.
Uncensored version, with different music than the Beat Street Version.
Censored version from Beat Street soundtrack.
MP3: KURTIS BLOW - Christmas Rappin'
Live version with Grandmaster Flash on the decks. Not that he does much.
MP3: RUN DMC - Christmas in Hollis'
The best track from the Profile Records compilation, 'Christmas Rap'.
MP3: RAPPINSTINE, Lil' STINE & STYLE - Party with Santa
As far as I know it doesn't snow in Hollywood. Where this 1988 release comes from.
MP3: ROOFTOP ALL STARS - Here Comes Santa
Seldom seen posse track from 1988 by some of the artists on the NY Rooftop label. Tony Tee, B-Fats, Rashien, Boom Bash, El Money & Shaleet.
MP3: CUTMASTER DC - The Night Before Christmas
What can I say, it's another gem by Mr Izzard.
MP3: BIZMARKIE & BIG DADDY KANE - Xmas Beatbox live
Hilarious 1:30min live segment. Pretty cool.
MP3: WHISTLE - Santa is a B-Boy
UTFO's mates get all cheerful. Corny, but fresh track that still holds up.

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Robbie said...

Nice one Blaze. You can never have enough Xmas rap.