Sunday, December 04, 2005

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FUZZ ONE: A Bronx Childhood
By Vincent Fedorchak
September 2005, Memoir, 392 Pages, 6 1/2” x 9 1/4”
Hardcover, 350 photographs, ISBN: 0-9725920-1-6
Published by Testify

Whew hoo. Amazing. That's all i can say. One the best presents I got for my birthday. Man, i cannot express how incredible this book is in its scope, ambition & depth. It's actually quite overwhelming. The presentation & format it is top notch. A lot of love & I presume stories of pain, have gone into this one. Fuzz One aka Vincent proves himself to be quite an accomplished writer, in both meanings of the term, graffiti writer & authour. It certainly does contain some exaggerated embellishments by someone hazily trying to recall a past that was affected by all sorts of intoxicants & paint fumes. Makes great reading, wether it's 100% accurate or not. The faded photographs are invaluable & emphasise the era that the tales are set, specifically from 1970 -1977. One of the main downfalls of most graff books & magazines are their lack of text. Sure it's great to see all the artwork, but personally I am just as interested in the personalities who create the work as I am in their output.

It's another essential book that expands upon previous books about the graffiti sub-culture. The T-Kid book has now been pushed back to the end of February, so gives me plenty of time to dig my teeth into this one.

I love this Amazon readers comment in his rather dim & negative review, 'The photos are amaturish and blurry'. Priceless. Why Fuzz One didn't have a 6megapixel digital camera was a major oversight. The fool. Ha!

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Robbie said...

There's a T-Kid book dropping next year? Good shit.

Steve said...

Hey i know the author. Hes a fat fuck loser that lives in baldwin. . His mother, who by the way wrote the book for him, should have aborted him when she had the chance. I remember when i used to see him in gay bars thats where he started his artwork. Until he almost got killed one night for stealing some guys boyfriend. Yea i wouldnt honor his book in any way knowing thats really a fagot loser. And when you hear from him ask him how many copies of his book he sold. Probably 2. Anyway it was nice to chat about dear vincent because doing so just makes me feel so much better about my life.