Monday, December 05, 2005

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USA: CUNNINLYNGUISTS - A Piece Of Strange. 2006

Now that was unexpected. I've just listened to the 3rd full length album from the Southern US (Georgia & Kentucky) lads & all I can say, is holy friggin crap. This is already up for one of the best albums of next year (due for release at the end of January). I just felt compelled to get the buzz out there early. I have been championing these guys (& the whole QN5 roster) since their first album, for they have been releasing quality since day one. I notice that producer Kno has taken a back seat with the vocals, so they have used the services of a new emcee Natti to help out Deacon The Villain. One listen to the production & you can gather that Kno must've seriously put his head down to create an incredibly impressive musical soundtrack & probably didn’t have time to write any lyrics, or maybe he has just moved deeper into his beats. It's an absolutely beautiful album & it flows triumphantly without any frustrating impediments. No duds on this one at all. The instrumental tracks provide a buffer that only gives us time to soak in the lyrical input. Why do we need this? Well, for one, the content is replete with subject matter that provides room for contemplation. I especially love the track with Tone Deff, The Gates, it evokes a very spiritual aura & the music accommodates the lyrical content to the letter. There's a couple of guests, most well known is Cee-Lo & he puts in a restrained yet convincing performance that connects the 2 different styles. I could go on & on, but you’d best just cop this for yourselves.

When I think of their previous 2 albums, I couldn't have thought of anything more different, so let that be a warning to you. This one is a very serious venture, all the goofy antics have disappeared, so I think their typical listener might be surprised. It’s almost like they have left their teenage years behind & have reached adulthood. I can't hate on that, in fact I celebrate their growth, for I have matured along with it. Lets hope the fans will or can do the same.

Will this be the album that finally enable them to burst out of their underground bubble? Not really sure, it might appeal to some general music critics who appreciate the musicality & the lack of cheese, but I fail to see a general audience gravitating towards the intelligence & sophistication that it contains. I wish I was wrong & hope I am wrong, for it’s not often I get an album that seriously is head & shoulders above the rest & it should be shared with as many people as possible. For this is one of those underground albums that if given the right push, could definitely find an appreciative market outside of the regular heads. Heck, even those who don't like hip hop might enjoy this if given half a chance. 3 dope albums strong. Congrats.

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MP3: The CUNNINLYNGUISTS - Beautiful Girl
From the album A Piece of Strange. LA Underground Entertainment/QN5
MP3: The CUNNINLYNGUISTS - Seasons ft Masta Ace
From the album Southernunderground. Freshchest.

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